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    Serenade [Vol. 12 No. 3, September 1935] []
    Issue not indexed.

    Illustrated Penny Tales   (about)
    Although the title on the cover was Illustrated Penny Tales from the “Strand” Library, the magazine was always referred to internally as Illustrated Penny Tales.

    Illustrated Sunday Magazine   (about)
    One of the four “Sunday Magazines” published during the period 1902 to 1920 (roughly), the Illustrated Sunday Magazine can sometimes be identified because the masthead carries a small box including the word “Illustrated”. In others, the magazine must be recognized instead by the distinctive typography of the masthead, in which (for example) the middle stroke of the S in Sunday is composed of two shaded bars interrupted by white space.

    This magazine appeared in many different newspapers across the country. Among them were The Boston Sunday Herald, The Buffalo Sunday Times, The Cleveland Leader, The Detroit Free Press, The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Milwaukee Sunday Sentinel, The Minneapolis Tribune, The New Orleans Daily Picayune (and later, Times Democrat), The Philadelphia Record, The Pittsburgh Gazette Times, The Providence Sunday Tribune, The Rochester Democrat, The Washington Post, and The Worcester Sunday Telegram.

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