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    Lincolnshire Echo [December 11, 1950] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · Power of Thought · George Robey · ss The (London) Evening News October 12 1949

    Lion Library   (about)
    Publisher: James Henderson.
    Run: May 1909-Nov 1909 (28 issues).
    Incorporated into: Nugget Library.
    Frequency: 4 per month.
    Comments: The Maxwell Kean adventures are believed to be reprints of American dime novels featuring Nick Carter.

    Lippincott’s Magazine:   (about)
    Lippincott’s was at one time a major magazine, then in 1914 was sold to McBride, Nast & Co. (according to John Tebbel in “The American Magazine”) which changed its title to McBride’s Magazine (also in 1914, according to Tebbel—he’s wrong, of course, since I have the bound volume, etc.) and within a relatively short length of time sold again to Scribner’s.

    In its heyday, Lippincott’s first published “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” “The Sign of the Four,” the first novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart, etc., etc. Not many articles, not many illustrations, though the line cuts they occasionally used were quite good.

    Under McBride ownership, the lead novel was usually reprinted from a McBride book. Probably the same thing when owned by Lippincott.

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