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    The London Mystery Magazine:   (about)
    The longest running British mystery magazine, fantasy was a significant part of its mix, rarely less than a third of an issue. A highly collectible, but apparently little known, magazine. The title was originally The London Mystery Magazine. The “The” dropped off the cover after the fourth issue, from the spine after the 35th issue, but remained in the Table of Contents through the entire run. Although the title was changed to London Mystery Selection with #36, the word “Magazine” appeared on the covers of #s 73, 74, 75 and 81, and on the spine of #s 78 to 87. On the cover the title was given as just London Mystery on #s 36 to 46, 54 to 72, 76 to 80, and 82 to 97. Most issues feature a standard cover design, several of which were used over the life of the magazine. In one stretch, from #70 to 81, individual covers were drawn for most issues. For most of its run the magazine was published simultaneously in the UK and US with the only difference being the cover price.

    The London Mystery Magazine

    • Publishers:
      • London Mystery Magazine, Ltd.; London: The London Mystery Magazine, #1 – #15.
      • Norman Kark Pubs., Ltd.; London: The London Mystery Magazine, #16 – #35.
    • Editors:
      • Michael Hall - Editor: The London Mystery Magazine, #1 – #15.
      • Austen Kark - Editor: The London Mystery Magazine, #16 – #19.

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