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    The London Magazine (1898):   (about)
    The London Magazine—UK; Jul. 1898-May 1933 (419 issues); began as The Harmsworth Magazine; monthly; standard format, imitation-Strand; editors Cecil Harmsworth (1898-?), Charles Sisley (1902-Dec. 1905), David Whitelaw; initially priced at 3d (half the price of The Strand), at its peak, around 1906-1913, it was probably the best popular fiction magazine in the UK; published rather more adventure/mystery fiction than others, and most popular writers of the day appeared; indexed, Victorian Fiction Research Guide #10 by Sue Thomas (Univ of Queensland, 1984) covers fiction only from 1898-1915.

    The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine [v1 #5, November/December 1898] ed. Cecil Harmsworth (Harmsworth Brothers Ltd., 6d, 144pp) []
    nb: a note in the issue says that the 6d price for this special Christmas number was a one time thing and that the following month will resume the regular price of 3½d. Since covers etc. are not bound in with the volume being indexed, I don’t know when the “regular” price apparently went up from the 3d implied by the opening editorial to have been the price of the first issue.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at HathiTrust.

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