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    Mobs   (about)
    One of several gangster pulps published by Harold B. Hersey. However, by the time it was published, in 1930, public interest in gangsters was fading and it only lasted for 2 issues. Commenced with Volume 1 #2, not uncommon with magazines published by Harold Hersey.

    • Publishers:
      • Good Story Magazine Co., Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Mobs.
    • Editors:

    Although published for only three issues, Mobsters was an important traditional pulp magazine with “stories of the fight against the Underworld”. The covers were similar to the paperback books that began in this period to crowd out the magazines.

    • Publishers:
      • Standard Magazines, Inc.; 1125 E. Vaile Avenue, Kokomo, IN: Mobsters.

    Model Airplane News:   (about)

    Model’s Scrapbook:   (about)

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