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    Mystic Magazine (1930):   (about)
    Mystic Magazine dealt with the occult: numerology, tea reading, astrology, crystal gazing, palmistry, fortune telling, etc. The magazine felt as though it was aimed at a female market. There were occasional fiction pieces but the majority of the contents were non-fiction. The magazine lasted four issues and then became True Mystic Crimes for one last issue: the contents were similar except for the change in tone away from a female orientation to a more traditional pulp male viewpoint.

    True Mystic Crimes
    Title changed from Mystic Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Fawcett Publications, Inc.; Minneapolis, MN: True Mystic Crimes.
    • Editors:

    Mystic Magazine (1953):   (about)
    Primarily an occult non-fiction magazine which, in its early issues, was about half fiction and half articles. After the fourth issue the fiction was greatly reduced and appeared only sporadically after the seventh issue. Later issues contain articles by Richard S. Shaver that may be of interest to some collectors. The magazine settled firmly into a non-fiction format about the time that Palmer sold his interest in its chief competitor, Fate, and the title was changed to Search with the October 1956 issue. It was still running at the time of Palmer’s death in 1977.

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