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    Nightgaunt   (about)
    Nightgaunt is a bilingual zine where most of the contents are published in both French & English (the original version is printed first followed by its translation), the exceptions being the translations of W.H. Pugmire’s prose poems which are published just in French. Except for the latter, only the English versions are indexed.

    Nightgaunt [#6, (October) 2018] ed. Adam Joffrain (Cephaloprod, €3.00, 44pp, cover: Arioch du Chaos) []
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • · Editorial · Adam Joffrain · ed
    • · Fasan i Alsterkogen · Patrik Centerwall · ss; in Swedish.
    • · L’horreur dans la forêt d’Alster · Patrik Centerwall · ss; in French.
      translated from the Swedish (“Fasan i Alsterkogen”).
    • · The Horror in Alster Forest · Patrik Centerwall · ss
      translated from the Swedish (“Fasan i Alsterkogen”).

    Nightgaunt [#8, (April) 2021] ed. Adam Joffrain (Cephaloprod, €4.00, 44pp, cover by Kim Holm) []
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • · Jusqu’aux confins des mondes · Antoine Chalet · ss; in French.
    • · To the End of the Worlds · Antoine Chalet · ss
      translated from the French (“Jusqu’aux confins des mondes”).

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