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    Out of This World   (about)
    A short-lived companion series to Supernatural Stories; both volumes were later reprinted within that series. This title was also used on three volumes numbered into the Supernatural Stories series, q.v.

    In both of these issues the interior pages are numbered 5 to 132.

    • Publishers:
      • John Spencer & Co.; London, England: Out of This World.

    Out of This World Adventures   (about)
    The comic sections in this pulp are actually the entire contents of separately published Avon comic books. The comic section in issue #1 is the same as Out of This World #1, Jun ’50. The comic section in #2 is the same as Strange Worlds #1, Nov ’50. The Canadian edition of #2 has a different comic book bound in, Flying Saucer, 1950.

    • Publishers:
      • Avon Periodicals, Inc.; New York: Out of This World Adventures.
    • Editors:

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