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    New York Stories   (about)
    One of Hersey’s less successful gangster pulps—in Hersey’s autobiography, this seems to be his only title not mentioned.

    • Publishers:
      • Headquarters Publishing Co., Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: New York Stories.

    New York Stories [v1 #1, August-September 1931] (H.S. Clark & H. Hersey, pulp) []
    Unpublished “ashcan” issue, probably containing no fiction.
    Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson.

    New York Stories [v1 #2, November-December 1931] (Headquarters Publishing Co., Inc., 20¢, 112pp+, pulp) []
    Details supplied by Steve Miller.

    The New York Times:   (about)
    Only selected pieces indexed.

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