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    Overland [#196, Spring 2009] []
    Issue partially indexed.

    Overland Monthly   (about)
    The original version of this title was founded by Bret Harte in 1868 and folded in 1875. A separately numbered revival, labelled “second series,” began in Jan 1883 and lasted into the early 1930’s. This issue was billed as their “Twentieth Century Number” and consists entirely of futuristic fiction or commentary on the same. We would like to acknowledge Everett Bleiler’s excellent bibliography Science-Fiction: The Early Years for bringing this issue to our attention. The copy seen was not an original, but a facsimile reprint published by AMS Press, Inc. in 1967.

    • Publishers:
      • Overland Monthly Publishing Co.; San Francisco, CA: The Overland Monthly.

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