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    Our World [v5 #4, July 1924] (Houston Publishing Company, 25¢, 134pp+, standard) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Our World [v5 #5, August 1924] (Houston Publishing Company, 25¢, 104pp+, standard) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Our World [v6 #3, December 1924] (Houston Publishing Company, 25¢, 110pp+, standard) []
    After December 1924, Our World (which had already absorbed World Fiction) was itself absorbed into Our World Weekly (which had begun with Oct. 13, 1924 issue), and in November 1925 that in turn was absored into World Review (which had begun with issue of 21 September 1925), and in Feb. 1930 that was absorbed by World News (which had begun in 1923), which in 1931 began World News—Current Topics, which had also absorbed a journal called Looseleaf Current Topics, and which in early 1932 was absorbed by Scholastic, which had also absorbed both Magazine World and Current Literature, and which in 1936 fissioned into three editions, one of which later became Senior Scholastic, and so on, and aren’t you glad you are not a serials cataloger? I am.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Our Young Folks   (about)
    An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls. Each issue contains a variety of stories and articles, plus puzzles and games with superb engravings.

    Out of the Gutter   (about)
    Subtitled “The Modern Journal of Pulp Fiction and Degenerate Literature”, and concentrating on crime fiction with a degenerate edge.

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