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    Pearson’s Magazine [v9, whole #49, January 1900] ed. C. Arthur Pearson (C. Arthur Pearson, 120pp) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at HathiTrust.
    • 3 · The Art of the Age · [uncredited] · cl; a regular feature on paintings.
    • 10 · Blowing Up the Enemy · Herbert C. Fyfe · ar; clearly no hopes for peace here! An article on mines.
    • 17 · Stories of Other Worlds: No. I—A Visit to the Moon [Honeymoon in Space] · George Griffith · ss; Griffith’s well know robinsonade around the solar system. This was why I was sure I had this volume somewhere, because I’ve had this series for over 30 years.
    • 31 · With the Red Cross on the Battlefield · Marcus Tindal · ar; related to the Boer War, which it’s easy to forget was raging 100 years ago.
    • 41 · Garm—A Hostage · Rudyard Kipling · nv The Saturday Evening Post December 23 1899; set in India but about a dog.
    • 51 · My Lady’s Fan · Anna B. Patten · pm
    • 52 · An Army Corps at the Front · Arthur Griffiths · ar; the logistics of moving an army.
    • 59 · A Peace Congress · W. L. Alden · ar; a ’revolutionary’ approach to peace.
    • 66 · Wonders in Wheat-Growing · Austin Fryers · ar
    • 72 · Historic Mysteries: No. I—The Son of Philip II · Allen Upward · ar; start of series on real historical mysteries. Upward also wrote some weird fiction and was quite popular in his day. There’s a rare photo of him in this issue (page 84) for anyone interested.
    • 85 · Smuggling Into Paris · V. Gribayedoff · ar
    • 89 · Sophie Ettrick’s Adventure · Julian Ralph · ss; set in Canada in 1780.
    • 97 · Nature’s Next Moves: No. I—The Third Hand · Barry Pain · hu; part of a humorous series where authors come up with daft ideas on how man or the animals might evolve. Barry Pain was a well known writer at the time including some good weird fiction.
    • 102 · Transplanting Big Trees · George Best · ar; probably inspired because C. Arthur Pearson himself had a large oak tree moved from his own large grounds in Frensham Place, Surrey—which is pictured here.
    • 108 · Night-Road Romances (Second Series): No. I—How Willowdene Will Escaped the Parson [Willowdene Will] · Halliwell Sutcliffe · ss; a new series of romantic intrigue and adventure involving highwaymen.
    • 118 · A True Story · B. Fletcher Robinson · pm

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