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    The Pall Mall Magazine:   (about)
    The Pall Mall Magazine—UK; May 1893-Sep. 1914 (253 issues); merged with Nash’s Magazine, 1914; Routledge (May 1893-Dec. 1912), Iliffe (Jan. 1913-Aug. 1914), taken over by Hearst’s National Magazine Company, 1914; monthly; standard format, on quality stock, imitation-Strand; editors Lord Frederic Hamilton & Sir Douglas Straight (May 1893-Feb. 1896), Hamilton alone (Mar. 1896-Dec. 1900), George R. Halkett (Jan. 1901-Aug. 1905), Charles R. Morley (Sep. 1905-Dec. 1912); financed by the US millionaire William Waldorf Astor, it occasionally ran stories by him; one of the more visually impressive magazines of the 1890s, championing art nouveau; authors included Thomas Hardy, Hall Caine, H. G. Wells, E. F. Benson, Rudyard Kipling, Bret Harte, George Meredith, E. Nesbit, Anthony Hope, Israel Zangwill, G. K. Chesterton, Joseph Conrad, Jack London.

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