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    The Phantagraph [Supplement, October-November 1936] (4pp, A6) []
    Note that, although “The Hyborian Age” says “To be continued” I believe that, in fact, there were only three instalments. It was however incomplete and further expanded versions were published.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

    The Phantagraph [v5 #3, December 1936] ed. Donald A. Wollheim (Shepherd & Wollheim, 5¢, 8pp, A6) []
    “Published Monthly for the Phantasy Enthusiast”. Given as Vol. 5 No. 2.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.
    • 1 · The Sunken Towers · Henry Kuttner · pm
    • 2 · On the Trail of the Weird and Phantastic: Women and the Weird Tale · H. Koenig · cl
    • 3 · Phantascope · Donald A. Wollheim · cl; recent SF developments.
    • 4 · An Answer to Mr. Anger · Farnsworth Wright · ar; rejoinder to article by Anger in previous issue.

    The Phantagraph [v6 #1, May 1937] ed. Donald A. Wollheim (5¢, 4 (or more)pp, A6) []
    “For the Phantasy Enthusiast” Note: the March-April issue said that the May issue would be a “double-size issue”. However, from DAW’s book Operation Phantasy: “[Ex Oblivione] was to be one of the prime features of our May 1937 Anniversary issue and it was the mutilation of this work, as much as that of other contents, by a callous printer that caused us to destroy that entire issue rather than permit it to be distributed. Ex Oblivione was reissued complete in our July 1937 number”. The issue I have has only 4 pages, the Index published in 1941 has further contents that I append below.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

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