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    Peg’s Companion   (about)
    Peg’s Companion was a UK women’s magazine, slightly smaller than The Weekly Tale-Teller, saddle stapled, paper closer to newsprint than to pulp. It ran for 572 issues from Nov 1921 to Oct 1932 and was a companion magazine to Peg’s Paper. It’s listed by Lofts and Adley as a girl’s paper, I’d argue the first part of that point - it seems to be aimed at young working class women.

    Peg’s Companion [No. 106, Nov 6, 1923] (C. Arthur Pearson, 2d, 40pp, tabloid) []
    Details supplied by John Eggeling.
    • 1 · At the World’s Mercy [Part ? of ?] · Ella Graham · sl; June Carey was cold, hungry and homeless, then a man took her to his luxurious flat.
    • 11 · His Cruel Trap · Eleanor Grey · ss; The story of a girl who was trapped by a drug fiend.
    • 19 · The Deliverer [Part ? of ?] · Ethel M. Dell · nv The Novel Magazine November 1907; The story of a girl who sold herself.
    • 30 · The Girl Who Dared · Poppy Desmond · ss

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