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    Probe [#180, June 2019] ed. Gail Jamieson (Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa, 56pp, ebook) []
    Special 50th Anniversary Issue, featuring only reminiscences of the magazine and the club.

    Proteus   (about)
    Subtitled “Voices for the 80’s,” also billed as “A Destinies Special.” Most of the material was originally purchased for Destinies but was later decided to be inappropriate for that series, which had settled into a hard science format.

    Proud Flesh   (about)
    One-shot magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Loose Cannon Enterprises; Champaign, IL: Proud Flesh.
    • Editors:

    The Providence Amateur [v1 #1, June 1915] ed. John T. Dunn (; Providence, RI, free, 12pp, 5″ x 7¼″ stitched) []
    Sub-titled “Official Organ of the Providence Amateur Press Club”, “Free to all amateurs”. Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

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