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    Science Fiction Yearbook   (about)
    A series of annual anthologies derived from the old “Thrilling” group of SF magazines. The preceding volumes were titled Wonder Stories, Treasury of Great Science Fiction and Great Science Fiction and were separately numbered. There were no further volumes after this series ended.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Library, Inc.; New York: Science Fiction Yearbook.
    • Editors:

    Science Wonder Stories   (about)
    Merges with Air Wonder Stories to form Wonder Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Stellar Publishing Corporation; New York: Science Wonder Stories, Jun 1929.
      • Stellar Publishing Corporation; Mt. Morris, IL: Science Wonder Stories, Jul 1929 – May 1930.
    • Editors:
      • Hugo Gernsback - Editor-in-Chief: Science Wonder Stories.
      • David Lasser - Literary Editor: Science Wonder Stories.
      • C. P. Mason - Associate Editor: Science Wonder Stories, Feb 1930 – May 1930.

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