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    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #5, No. 14, October 1967] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1-5 · The Eligibility Question · Robert Silverberg · ar; “Several SFWA members - notably Kit Reed and Nelson S. Bond - have raised the question of a liberalization of the criteria for active mebership in the organization.” This is, unless I’m mistaken, the origin of the “Requal” (for requalification) debate. Bob, am I even close?
    • 5 · reply to “The Eligibility Question” · Kit Reed · ar
    • 6-7 · Recruiting Report · Roger Zelazny · ms; a report from Secretary-Treasurer concerning the recruiting of new members.
    • 8 · The 1967 Hugos · [uncredited] · ms; as awarded at NyCon, voting breakdown supplied by NyCon Chair Ted White. I find it interesting (and a little dismaying) to note that the Dramatic Presentation category consisted of two films (“Fahrenheit 451” and “Fantastic Voyage”) and THREE Star Trek episodes.
    • 9-10 · [untitled] · Robert Silverberg · ms; adds some commentary to the earlier article on copyright renewal.
    • · Donation of Manuscripts: II · Robert Silverberg · ar; adressing how the markets (FSF, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, ORBIT, GALAXY, IF, ANALOG) deal with manuscripts after publication.
    • · Announcement · Alva Rogers · ms; announcement from the treasurer for the 26th WorldCon, about rates and asking that SFWAns attending let the program planners know.
    • 11-13 · How to Collaborate Without Getting Your Head Shaved · Keith Laumer · ar; about his collabs with Rosel George Brown. Also, a brief squib saying “Publishers’ Weekly reports that J. R. R. Tolkien’s ’Lord of the Rings’ has now penetrated to South Vietnam: the Vietnamese Second Corps has taken the lidless eye of Sauron as its battle emblem.” Apparently a US Advisor, in an attempt to perfect his command of the language, translated the trilogy and the locals eagerly adopted the mythology.
    • 14-15 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; I note that in the short fiction categories, no fewer than 7 of the 22 stories were from DV; 3 were from Orbit 2, 5 from F&SF. Also a “Special Note” from Zelazny asking that “Dawn” and “Death and the Executioner” be withdrawn as they made up part of Lord of Light, already nominated.
    • 16-19 · What Works for Me · John Brunner · ar; “When you know you can do something, look for something you don’t know you can’t do. Of course, if you bring it off you’ll be back in the same spot afterwards, but what the hell?” This series of short pieces on writing is part of what I’d love to reprint, assuming that I can gain the permissions. Also on page 19, a letter from Ed ferman announcing that the F&SF anthology flat-rate fees will, henceforth, be increased by 50%. Pres. Silverberg comments that a more equitable arrangement would be based around “an advance against royalties covering a pro-rata share of the anthology’s earnings.” Works for me, hoss.
    • 20 · Meet the Editor · Harry Harrison · cl
    • 21-22 · The SF Writer’s Basic Library · [uncredited] · ms; “Following James Blish’s remark in the last Bulletin that every sf writer should have read the existing critical material on the field, several members asked for a list of these works. Here are the books suggested by Blish, Damon Knight and Richard Lupoff:” I will not post the list unless I’m asked to; I note, however, that I currently own 12 of the listed 15 titles. So how come I ain’t rich?
    • 22 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson, A. J. Budrys, Vaughn Bodé (!), Robert Hoskins, and our very own renovated and veneered Chum, Reb Malzberg.
    • 23 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; announcing the deaths of Hugo Gernsback, A. A. Wyn, artist George Salter and Edison Marshall; also the ’68 Nebs, to be held simultaneously in NYC and Berserkley.
    • 24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; One of the new markets listed is “Anubis, heretofore a fanzine, is changing over to professional status and offering 1 cent a word on acceptance…in the weird-horror-fantasy genre.” The editor and publisher was one Ronald J. Willis of Arlington, Virginia; I’ve never heard of him or the magazine, was it ever actually made available?

    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #6, No. 15, December 1967] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 12pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · Announcement of the 1968 Nebula Awards · Robert Silverberg · ar; held simultaneously in NYC (at Les Champs) and Berkeley (at the Hotel Claremont). MoC in New York was Keith Laumer, and Anthony Boucher was MoC in California. Dinner was an exorbitant $9/person. Also, an announcement by Terry Carr that “Piers Anthony Jacob has won the $5000 sf novel contest sponsored by FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION, Pyramid Books, and producer Irwin Allen. His novel…will be serialized by F&SF in 1968 and published in paperback shortly thereafter by Pyramid. Allen has no immediate plans to exercise his movie-tv option on the book, whose title is SOS THE ROPE.”
    • 2 · Checking Foreign Sales and Non-Sales · Robert Silverberg · ar; about the problem of coping with foreign publishers who couldn’t be bothered to acquire US books and stories legally. Also the colophon, which credits Carol Carr with typing the issue, as well as Andrew Porter for helping with the Market Report.
    • 3 · Announcemant · Robert Silverberg · ms; announces that nominations are open for the ’68 Nebs and should be sent to VP James Blish, then residing in Alexandria, Virginia. Also, a report on Lancer’s failure to issue timely royalty statements and payments. SilverBob reports speaking with one Irwin Stein, the publisher, who said that “The spring statements…had been delayed unavoidably by a conversion to computers…” Like we haven’t heard THAT one before. Payments were promised in October, but had not been received as of the end of November.
    • 4 · [untitled] · Robert Silverberg · ms; A reminder that nominations for the SFHoF would be open throughout ’68; fewer than 15k words, please, and nothing after 12/31/64. Oh, yeah, no nominating your own stories, cowboy. New Members include Dean Koontz.
    • 5 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; 6 of the 9 short stories listed appeared originally in DV; the other sources were WORLDS OF TOMORROW, IF, and GALAXY. I find it interesting that Ray Lafferty’s “Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne” was recced by Joanna Russ, and Richard Wilson recced David Kyle’s “Base Ten.” Also a note from Blish requesting that “Faust Aleph Null” not be listed in the novel category as an expanded version would be published in a year as Black Easter.
    • 6-9 · On Editorial Courtesy · Damon Knight · ar; Reproduced herein is a letter from A. C. Spectorsky of PLAYBOY, agreeing with Knight that “…the experience of Blish is particularly unfortunate, and particularly intolerable.” Anyone have an idea what this refers to?
    • 10 · Meet the Editor · Donald R. Bensen · cl; edited a pair of anthologies of stories from UNKNOWN: “I live alone with my wife, child and cat in New York City; am at present engaged on a literary project of incalculable scope and consequence: translating the Old Testament into limerick form…”
    • 11 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; announcing the death of Rosel George Brown, and the sale of Logan’s Run to MGM for $100k, “one of the largest movie sales in sf history.”
    • 12 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; in which we learn that Michael Moorcock “has been commissioned by a large British publisher, Hutchinsons, to edit a ’showcase’ anthology of original science fiction stories.” This would be, I guess, The Nature of the Catastrophe (w/Langdon Jones, Hutchinson 1971), which I note contains six stories by Moorcock either alone or in collaboration, as well as multiple stories by M. John Harrison and Jim Sallis. I’ve never seen a copy, was it published in the US as well? ISFDB says no, are they right? Also, Ted White announces a new semi-pro magazine titled STELLAR. Again, ISFDB doesn’t note this in Ted’s list of magazine gigs, did it ever happen?

    SFWA Bulletin [v4 #2, No. 17, April 1968] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 28pp, octavo s/s) []
    There are also two cartoons by Jack Gaughan featuring robots being threatened by huge ocean breakers labeled “The New Wave.” Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • · Obituary: Anthony Boucher · [The Editor] · ob
    • · On Disputes Between SFWA Members · Robert Silverberg · ar; about the threatened lawsuit between Judith Merril and Harlan Ellison over his use of an unsympathetic character named “Judith Merle” in a “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”script. Prez Silverberg proposes “…a system of settling disputes either by arbitration or mediation” in order to forestall future conflicts which could have deleterious effects on both parties.
    • · Nebula Report · Robert Silverberg · ar; A three-page report, including winners of the ’67 Nebs (100 ballots‘were sent in, not counting three that “…came in after the deadline, but would have had no material effect on the results if they had been counted”; rules for the 1967 Nebulas; and an invitation for nominations for the ’68 awards.
    • · NyCon donation to SFWA · Terry Carr · ar; detailing a $100 donation to the SFWA treasury by Ted White on behalf of the ’67 WorldCon. “It is by far the largest single donation in SFWA history…”.
    • · Hugo Nominations 1968 · [uncredited] · ms; Almost half of the dozen short works nominated came from Dangerous Visions. Editor Carr added “As a result of the tragic death of Anthony Boucher, who was to have been toastmaster at the convention banquet, Robert Silverberg has been asked to fill in for him. Harlan Ellison will present the Hugos.”
    • · New York Nebula Awards Banquet 1968 · Jay Kay Klein · ar; “…I was startled to find Raymond Z. Gallun there. Last time I’d seen him was back in a 1948 Queens Science Fiction League meeting. Also on hand, surprisingly enough, was Milton A. Rothman, formerly Lee Gregor, but now a Big Time Scientist, who is‘trying to invent Fusion Power.” Klein’s writing here, as elsewhere, is playful and engaging; I wish I’d had more of an opportunity to get to know him.
    • · Nebula Awards Banquet, SFWA West, 1968 · Poul Anderson · ar; “The whole affair had been organized and was under the joint chairmanship of Poul Anderson, Harry Harrison and Joe Poyer. This triumverate had corresponded at length beforehand, and met in person the evening before to lay plans. The trouble paid off in a smoothly running day. At last most of the people on hand went upstairs for a party which lasted till all hours.” Following this report are two pages of photos of the ceremonies, featuring Peter Beagle (speaker to the‘West Coast), Gahan Wilson (who was the featured speaker in NYC), Fritz Leiber, Chip Delany and Michael Moorcock.
    • · Correspondence · [The Readers] · lc; with letters from Ed Ferman and William Sambrot, not to mention Harrison and Chum Barry, both of whom write to announce Harrison’s stepping down as editor of AMAZING/FANTASTIC and Barry taking over. BULLETIN editor Carr adds this note: “Barry Malzberg writes science fiction under the penname ’K. M. O’Donnell.’”
    • · Meet the Editors · [uncredited] · cl [Ref. Diane Cleaver & Marc Haefele]; This time, Doubleday eds. Diane Cleaver and Marc Haefele.
    • · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; announcements of the death of Vincent Schoepflin (“Harl Vincent”), the upcoming 13th annual Milford conference, the establishment of the Galaxy award for best story in GALAXY or IF. Also, Ed Ferman wanted contact info for Ron Webb and Mose Malette, neither of whom I’ve ever heard. Webb was apparently a pseudonym for Sharon Webb, and ISFDB shows that Mallette (note correct spelling) only published two stories, both in F&SF.
    • · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; Includes Mirage Press (“Our runs are not large enough to make any fortunes, but we do offer some additional-income on a work, and a hardcover, attractive book for library and general book trade sale.”), Orbit (“…under inventoried, says Damon Knight”), and appropriately enough, Weybright and Talley, Inc., which had “…recently published Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Trilogy and THE LAST STARSHIP FROM EARTH by John Boyd; they would like to continue publishing one or two sf or fantasy novels‘a year.” Hey, every little bit helps.

    SFWA Bulletin [v4 #3, No. 18, June 1968] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · Announcement · [uncredited] · ms; announcement of the upcoming SFWA Worldcon Banquet, to be held in “a private room off the main luau room of the Claremont Hotel.…Menu: luau bufet, consisting of a kind of Hawaiian smorgasbord, roast beef, rose wine and a choice of dessert, all in unlimited quantities.” More important, “A private bar will be set up for attendees.” Hey, priorities, right? Also, and on a more somber note, editor Carr notes the death of anthologist Groff Conklin on July 19 (eight days before my sixteenth birthday) of emphysema.
    • 2-3 · From the President · Robert Silverberg · cl; “A writer who runs an active professional career without the help of a typist is not likely to be cheerful about the need to spend his after-work hours writing letters; and what the President of SFWA does, more than anything else, is write letters.…SFWA was not brought into being to raise literary standards in sf…but rather to serve the professional needs of the writers. And I think we’ve done a good job of that.…” Pres. Silverberg welcomes incoming President Alan Nourse, VP Harry Harrison and Sec-Treas. Anne McCaffrey. Also on page 3, editor Carr notes that “SFWA Southern, the regional chapter of the national SFWA organization, is sponsoring the first New Orleans Writers’ Conference (NOW-Con)…[to be] modeled after the annual Milford conferences…”
    • 4-8 · By-Laws: Science Fiction Writers of America · [uncredited] · ms; They ain’t simple, but I suspect they’re a lot simpler than our current by-laws.
    • 8 · Science Articles of SF Interest · [uncredited] · cl; this time “Life Below Zero” by Bruce L. Umminger, from the YALE SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINE, March 1968. Part of the description (unsigned) says “He concludes with the following sentence: ’The Speculation so often advanced by science-fiction writers, that human beings can be permanently preserved in a state of ”suspended animation“ by cooling and freezing, is therefore far from natural reality…’”
    • 9 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; I note with interest that the novel with the most nominations was The Masks of Time by, um, I forget. Somebody famous. In addition, I see that Robert Taylor’s “Idiot’s Mate” was nominated by Chum Malzberg in the Short Story category. I see that Taylor (who I think is still with us) published most recently in Chum van Gelder’s F&SF in ’98 after a hiatus of some 25+ years. Barry, Gordon, what should we know about Mr. Taylor?
    • 10-17 · SFWA Directory · [uncredited] · ms; I should note again that these Directories do NOT include members’ full addresses, but do list agents where applicable. I see that Sprague de Camp and Wollheim both listed Barthold Fles as their agent. I know Fles exclusively from his 1951 Avon anthology The Saturday Evening Post Fantasy Stories, I didn’t know he agented as well.
    • 18-19 · Meet the Editor · John W. Campbell · cl; “There’s one distinction I can claim in this science fiction editing business without fear of argument: I’ve been running ASTOUNDING-ANALOG now for almost 31 years, and during that period I have unquestionably read more lousy science fiction than any other man in the world.”
    • 19 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; include A. Bertram Chandler, Dick Geis, and Ross Rocklynne.
    • 20-21 · Correspondence · [The Readers] · lc
    • _ · [letter] · Judith Merril · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Tony Russell Wayman · lt; Wayman wrote World of the Sleeper, the B-Side of Ace Double H-21, the A-Side being Jack Vance’s The Last Castle.
    • 22-23 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; “Terry carr notes with some amusement that the French edition of his Doubleday anthology, Science Fiction for People Who Hate Science Fiction, is subtitled in the back cover blurb ’Science fiction for people who hate American civilization.’”
    • 24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; in which we learn that fan Donald E. Cochrane is paying 5¢ a word for stories (Under 2000 words) for his ’zine DECAL. He mentions that he has already bought a story from Niven without mentioning the title, and says he wants “fantasy in the Lovecraft manner, the Tolkien type of sword-&-sorcery…or straight sf. The New Wave abominations should be sent elsewhere.” The listing also mentions that “Contributions for sale should be clearly marked FOR SALE or it will be assumed that the submission is offered for free.” Didn’t Sol Cohen work sorta like that?

    SFWA Bulletin [v4 #4, No. 19, June 1968] ed. Alexei Panshin (Science Fiction Writers Association, 8pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · LORD OF LIGHT WINS HUGO · [uncredited] · ar; unsigned (but probably editor Panshin) announcement of that year’s awards. Subtitled “Ellison Wins Two Awards”, those being Best Short Story for “I Have No Mouth and I must Scream” and also for his ST:TOS script, “City on the Edge of Forever.”
    • 2-3 · From the President · Alan Nourse · cl; “Three years ago it seemed doubtful that any organization of sf writers would ever survive very long..Today there is not much question that SFWA is here to stay. My job this year is to see that it remains vital, healthy and growing.”
    • 4-5 · From the Secretary · Anne McCaffrey · cl; “At present, we have 276 members in good standing. We have 24 in bad standing, and they will be be [sic] dropped from the mailing lists and lose all privileges until their dues are paid.”
    • 4 · The Mediation Board · Alan Nourse · ar; forerunner of the Grievance Committee. Those serving are Poul Anderson, John Brunner, Sprague de camp, Gordy Dickson, Daniel Galouye and Clifford Simak.
    • 5-6 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; noting the deaths of Dr. George Gamow and Vardis Fisher; an agreement between Ballantine and Walker & Co. to reprint paperback originals in hardcover, including Brain Wave, A Case of Conscience, Thorns and The Space Merchants; and an announcement that Ted White’s ’61 Continental was rear-ended by a rental truck on Long Island. Nobody was hurt, but the car was totalled.
    • 7 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · cl; The novel with the highest number of noms is Rite of Passage with 6.
    • 7 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; includes Ed Bryant, David Gerrold, and Chester Anderson.
    • 8 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; “Terry Carr, editor of the Ace Science Fiction Specials, is presently slightly understocked.” Not to mention “Ed Ferman…is usually overstocked on literary mood pieces and vignettes, and would like to see more robust work.” Has it changed much, Gordon?

    SFWA Bulletin [v4 #5, No. 20, October 1968] ed. Alexei Panshin (Science Fiction Writers Association, 8pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · The Old Order Changeth · [uncredited] · ar; unsigned but presumably by Panshin. Notes the sale of Ballantine Books to International Textbook; also a very real “musical-chairs” exchange of personel between Bee Line and Lancer, Lancer and Dell, and Dell and the SF Book Club. In addition, it announces that Ted White has replaced Chum Malzberg at AMAZING-FANTASTIC, the third editorial change there in a year.
    • 2-4 · Nebula Awards Rules 1968 · [uncredited] · ms; The colophon on page 2 mentions that the BULLETIN layout was done by Ted White, with typography courtesy of CRAWDADDY!, which Ted was printing in his NYC basement at the time.
    • 4 · From the Secretary · Anne McCaffrey · cl; “…wishes to publicly acknowledge the benificence of Mr. Tom Purdom. Tom has edited an anthology of non-fiction science stories by members of the SFWA for Doubleday. He…wishes to acknowledge his gratitude with a generous, and gratefully received, contribution.” This was Adventures in Discovery, published in 1969, and includes pieces by Harry Harrison, Poul Anderson and (of course) Asimov.
    • 5-6 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · cl; Rite of Passage leads Picnic on Paradise and The Masks of Time by 9 noms to 7; and I see that Chum Barry nominated a story I’ve never read by an author I’ve never heard of - “The Cat in the Hat for President” by Robert Coover from NEW AMERICAN REVIEW NO. 4. Barry, what can you tell me about this one?
    • 6-7 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; in which we learn of the deaths of Arthur Sellings and Cornell Woolrich.
    • 7-8 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; in which we read that CRAWDADDY! is “expanding its scope considerably.…Its writers include Samuel R. Delany, Alexei Panshin, Howard Schoenfeld and Judith Merril.” Also, Harlan Ellison announces “The new DANGEROUS VISIONS is a companion (not a sequel) to last year’s anthology.…Preliminary submissions have exhibited a large proportion of ’artsy-craftsy’ stories lacking in either elements of speculation or continuity, and the editor reminds all potential contributors that these stories should be stories first, polemics after.” There’s also a solicitation from one Bernard K. Kay for an anthology tentatively titled Media Messages: 2000 Plus, looking for “original short plays, scenarios and inventions that project the mass media into the next century…with brief statements from the author as to why he believes his projection valid.” As I can find no record of this anthology, nor its editor, I assume it never happened.
    • 8 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; includes Michael Kurland, E. C. Tubb - and James Tiptree, Jr.

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