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    Science Fiction Monthly (1974)   (about)
    This was primarily a poster magazine. It reprinted paperback cover paintings on extra large pages and was issued unstapled, allowing the “prints” to be easily removed and mounted. The issues were filled out with stories and articles. Sales dropped steadily as the novelty wore off, and it was briefly replaced by S.F. Digest, a more conventional SF magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • New English Library, Ltd.; London, England: Science Fiction Monthly.
    • Editors:
      • Pat Hornsey - Editor: Science Fiction Monthly, Jan 1974 – Dec 1974.
      • Pat Hornsey - Executive Editor: Science Fiction Monthly, Jan 1975 – Apr 1976.
      • Julie Davis - Editor: Science Fiction Monthly, May 1974 – Apr 1976.
    • Features:

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