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    Science Adventure Stories   (about)
    Hektographed fanzine. Before these two issues were published, Comet Publications published a booklet in 1937. It was titled “The Brain” and contained two stories by Oswald Train, “The Brain” and “The Lord of the Swamps.”

    • Publishers:
      • Comet Publications; Philadelphia, PA: Science Adventure Stories.
    • Editors:

    Science Fantasy (1950):   (about)

    Science Fantasy
    Notations like “printed 3/58” that appeared in the lower right corner of the contents page were the closest thing to dates that appeared in most issues. We have translated these into dates and given them parenthetically in the header lines, but all citations are by issue numbers. The first six issues were actually titled Science-Fantasy. Letters index compiled by John Boston.

    • Publishers:
      • Nova Publications Ltd.; London, England: Science-Fantasy, #1 – #64.
      • Roberts & Vinter Ltd.; London, England: Science-Fantasy, #65 – #81.
    • Editors:

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