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    SFWA Bulletin [v5 #2, No. 23, April 1969] ed. Alexei Panshin (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • · [illustrations] · Jack Gaughan · il
    • 1 · Photos from the Nebulas · [uncredited] · pi; pictured with their Lucite blocks are Alexei Panshin (in a dashiki! for Rite of Passage), Anne McCaffrey (for “Dragonrider”), Richard Wilson (in a suit!, for “Mother to the World”), and Kate Wilhelm (for “The Planners”). The latter two stories were published in Orbit 3.
    • 2-3 · Nebula Awards 1968 · [uncredited] · ar; unsigned but presumably by Panshin.
    • 3-5 · The New York Banquet · Jay Kay Klein · ar; (Klein also took all the photos, of course). Page 3 features photos of Dr. Gerald Feinberg, the physicist who developed the theoretical particle, the tachyon, and Kate Wilhelm with her Neb standing next to McCaffrey, who is laughing into a microphone. Page 4 features photos of Asimov and Damon.
    • 5-8 · The Anaheim Banquet · Joe Poyer · ar; “The Banquet was preceded by a cocktail party in the Club Lounge. Entertainment was provided by the Disneyland Royal Street Bachelors, an excellent jazz trio.” Page 5 also has a photo of Terry Carr. Page 6 features photos of Harry Harrison and Bradbury; page 7 has a photo of a panel featuring Poul Anderson, Willis McNelly, Ray Bradbury and Diane Cleaver of Doubleday.
    • 8-9 · The New Orleans Banquet · Don Walsh · ar; “Early arrivals for an all-night Friday party included R. A. Lafferty, Roger and Judy Zelazny…and prominent mystery writer Larry Block.” Page 8 has photos of John Jakes and the head table with Lafferty, Joe Green and Walsh. Page 9 has photos of Laffelazny talking to each other, and Walsh and Green seated. Also New Members, which include Lin Carter, Richard Delap, Gardner Dozois, and Phyllis Eisenstein.
    • 10-17 · SFWA Directory · [uncredited] · ms; showing 339 members, with number codes on most indicating agency representation. I note more than a few names I don’t recognize - Thurlow Weed (one story in 1966), Joyce Muskat (I see nothing by her until 1974, a solitary ST adaptation; what’s she doing as a member in ’69?), and Carl Henry Rathjen (one story in ’57). There are at least a dozen others; I assume that they were Associates rather than Actives.
    • 18-19 · From the Secretary · Anne McCaffrey · cl
    • 19-20 · Nebula Recommendations · [uncredited] · cl; I note that Omnivore leads with 4, as does Tiptree’s “Last Flight of Dr. Ain.”
    • 21-22 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; in which we learn (amongst other things) of the death of John Wyndham at the age of 65, that Bradbury would appear in a Chung King Chow Mein commercial with Stan Freberg, and that “Folk-rock performer Richie Havens has bought screen rights to Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and plans to begin production in June. Havens will write the music and play the role of the last man on Earth.” Clearly this never happened, anyone know what the deal was? Also also, the second Clarion workshop is announced, featurng Pohl, Leiber, Ellison, Knight and Wilhelm.
    • 23-24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; noting that “Charles Neutzel…is editing a new line of paperbacks called Powell Sci-Fi.”

    SFWA Bulletin [v5 #3, No. 24, June 1969] ed. Barry Malzberg (Science Fiction Writers Association, 12pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • · [illustrations] · Jack Gaughan · il
    • 1-2 · The Author-Agent Agreement · Damon Knight · ar; “What follows is a trimmed-down and more flexible version of the proposed agreement which was published in the BULLETIN, Vol. 1, No. 1. The earlier version was too cumbersome and no agent agreed to adopt it. The present version has been accepted by my agent, Robert P. Mills, and is now in effect between us.”
    • 2 · Election Results · [uncredited] · ms; “The SFWA Elections Committee reports that Gordon Dickson has been elected SFWA President for the coming year.”
    • 3-5 · Toward an Atlas of Fantasy · J. B. Post · ar Special Libraries Association Geography & Map Division Bulletin March 1969; “Plainly, the compilation of any such atlas of fantasy would not present many problems, other than discrimination, in the selection. Permission to reproduce might be difficult to obtain in a few instances. The hardest problem would be to interest a publisher.” Post had to go to the fan-press; Mirage finally published it in hardcover in ’73, and six years later Ballantine did a revised edition, losing a dozen maps and adding 14 others.
    • 5-6 · Nebula Recommendations · [uncredited] · cl; Front-running novels are Bug Jack Barron and Left Hand of Darkness with 5 recs each; there’s a note that Tom Disch requested his Camp Concentration be withdrawn. Anyone know why? Anyone? Bueller?
    • 6 · Hugo Nominees · [uncredited] · ms; including “Yellow Submarine” and the final episode of “The Prisoner” in the Dramatic category.
    • 7-8 · Flying Down to Rio · Harry Harrison · ar; about the Second International Film Festival, March 23-31, 1969 (some pics here: “We met our Brazilian opposite numbers. Our SF is read and appreciated there, and they have some fine authors of their own.…SF is alive and well in Brazil.”
    • 8 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; includes Frank M. Robinson and Michael Crichton.
    • 8-9 · From the Secretary · Anne McCaffrey · cl; details final talleys for the ’68 Nebs: at 20 votes, The Masks of Time came a very close second to Rite of Passage with 24; in novelettes and shorts, there were more abstentions than votes for the winners. In the case of shorts, more than twice as many.
    • 10 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; “Earl Kemp says, ’We [Greenleaf Classics, Inc.] find ourselves currently in the market for some science fiction…We would like to emphasize that…[as] we recognize neither verbal nor thematic taboos, this could be THE place for that truly off-beat material that has been closeted far too long already.…No collections or anthologies, please, though a separate letter query regarding them will be answered.’”
    • 11-12 · Notes and News · [uncredited] · cl; in which a mystery is solved: “Arthur C. Clarke writes in correction of a news item in the April BULLETIN. He states that film rights to Childhood’s End are held by Howard Koch, not Richie Havens.” No mention if Koch will write the songs and/or play the last man on Earth. Also, an announcement of the engagement of Larry Niven to Marilyn (Fuzzy Pink) Wisowaty.

    SFWA Bulletin [v7 #4, No. 28, February 1970] ed. Barry Malzberg (Science Fiction Writers Association, 20pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • · [illustrations] · Jack Gaughan · il
    • 1 · Nebula Awards Banquets, 1970 · [uncredited] · ar; Once again, the Nebs were to be held in three very disparate places, NYC, New Orleans and Berkeley. The latter Banquet was organized by Alva Rogers, Greg Benford and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
    • 2 · From the Secretary-Treasurer · Anne McCaffrey · cl; “Responding to the requests of many members, and because efficient equipment is a felt want, SFWA purchased a used #360 Gestetner in excellent condition for $345.…It will facilitate the production of the FORUM…” How…faanish. Also, the colophon mentions that the Managing Editor is Joyce Malzberg, and that typesetting was done on an IBM Selectric. When did Ted White cease doing it in his basement along with CRAWDADDY?
    • 3 · Obituary - Evelyn del Rey · Robert Silverberg · ob; Heartfelt and affectionate, he writes “Shrewd, witty, capable of loving and receiving love, she brought laughter and grace wherever she went. And though she was a strong-minded woman in a field marked by clashing egos, she had, so far as I’m aware, no enemies at all.” lovely, Bob.
    • 4-5 · Eire - A Writer’s Paradise · Harry Harrison · ar; about the advantages and drawbacks to living in Ireland under Articlea 1 & 2 of the Finance Act. “Bob Shaw, Irishman himself…states that a writer could rent a simple country cottage for 2 pounds a week and buy enough food to cook for another 2 quid. So a bit less than ten dollars a week would cover all expenses. $500 a year!” At some point, Sec-Treas McCaffrey must have taken him at his word.
    • 6-13 · The Doubleday Contract · Damon Knight · ar; fourth in a series, prefaced by his “About the Contract Articles.” “Each BULLETIN contract article is offered to the publisgher for comment or rebuttal. Doubleday received a copy of this one, but declined to discuss it.” Bob, Barry, how successful were these articles in persuading the publishers?
    • 13 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; including PKDick’s “A. Lincoln, Simulacrum”, published as We Can Build You by DAW in ’72.
    • 14-16 · What Can Be Found on Other Worlds? (Analysis of the Unknown) · Alexis Tsvetikov · ar; “It appears to be possible that the following little investigation would be of some interest and use to the science fiction Writers. It shows them roughly what kind of aliens and their environment authors may consider populating their distant worlds.” What follows is certainly beyond my capabilities, but I’d love for somebody to explain it to me in small words. It’s followed by a note from Ms McCaffrey: “The above article is obviously complimentary to ‘How to Build a Planet’ by Poul Anderson, BULLETIN, Vol. 2, No. 6, Whole No. 9.”
    • 16 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; includws Jack Dann and Robert Weinberg, not to mention the reinstatement of Bester and Delany.
    • 17-19 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; in which Judy Merril announces “…the wedding of her daughter, Ann Pohl to Alan Reed”, and that James Blish signed with Doubleday “…to do a definitive, two-volume history of witchcraft and demonology.” As I can find no record of this, would I be correct in assuming that this turned into the After Such Knowledge books?
    • 19 · Note · Gordon Dickson · ms; preface to the Market Report indicating that “…no more marketplace announcements for ’Ultimate Publications’ (AMAZING, FANTASTIC, and certain reprint magazines) will be run until further notice for the following reasons: Several SFWA members have complained that manuscripts submitted at Ultimate have neiher been accepted nor returned and requests for returns have been ignored.”
    • 20 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; “NEW DIMENSIONS: Robert Silverberg reports that this volume has now been closed. There is a good possibility for a successor but at present he does not want submissions. The membership will be notified.” So, Bob, whatever happened with this one?

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