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    Smart Novels [#3172, July 25, 1955] (William Stevens, Ltd., 2½d, 28pp, digest, cover by photo) []
    Details supplied by John Eggeling.

    The Smart Set:   (about)
    The Smart Set—USA; Mar. 1900-Jul. 1930; William D’Alton Mann (1900), John A. Thayer (1900-1923), Hearst (1923-1930); monthly; standard format, on pulp paper, initially 25¢; became a big slick by 1925; editors Charles Hanson Towne & Arthur Griscom, Willard Huntington Wright (1913-1914), George Jean Nathan & H. L. Mencken (1914-1924); brought sophistication to muck-raking; authors included William Rose Benet, Frank Harris, Lord Dunsany, W. B. Yeats, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, James Branch Cabell, D. H. Lawrence, Joseph Conrad, George Moore, James Joyce, Eugene O’Neill, Gelett Burgess.

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