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    Scientific Detective [v7 #8, January 1948] (B.E.C. Publishing Co., 25¢, 36pp, digest) []
    Details supplied by Steven Slutsky.
    • 3 · The Corpse on the Carpet · Ken Greene · ss
    • 18 · By a Hair’s Breadth · Norma J. Surdam · ss; given as by Norman J. Surdam in the Table of Contents.
    • 23 · “Blow Up with the Brig!” · Wilkie Collins · ss Miss or Mrs.? and Other Stories in Outline by Wilkie Collins, Richard Bentley and Son, 1873
      revised from “The Ghost in the Cupboard Room” (All the Year Round, Christmas 1859).

    Scientific Detective Annual   (about)
    The exact relationship between Scientific Detective Annual and Scientific Detective is currently unclear. Only two (undated) issues of the former have been located, one of which appears to have been published before the first known issue of Scientific Detective, and the second of which reprints some items from early issues of Scientific Detective.

    • Publishers:
      • EBR Book Co.; 1755 Broadway, New York 19, NY: Scientific Detective Annual.

    Scientific Detective Monthly:   (about)
    A detective magazine with emphasis on the use of science to solve crimes. About half the stories contain sufficiently exaggerated science to be classed as SF. Title was changed to Amazing Detective Tales after the fifth issue.

    Scientific Detective Monthly

    • Publishers:
      • Gernsback Publications; New York: Scientific Detective Monthly, Nov 1929.
      • Techni-Craft Publishing Corp.; Mt. Morris, IL: Scientific Detective Monthly, Jan 1930 – May 1930.
    • Editors:
      • Hugo Gernsback - Editorial Chief: Scientific Detective Monthly.
      • Arthur B. Reeve - Editorial Commissioner: Scientific Detective Monthly.
      • Hector Gavin Grey - Editorial Deputy: Scientific Detective Monthly.
      • A. L. Fierst - Editorial Inspector: Scientific Detective Monthly, Jan 1930 – Mar 1930.
      • M. E. Dame - Editorial Inspector: Scientific Detective Monthly, Apr 1930 – May 1930.

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