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    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #1, No. 10, January 1967] ed. Damon Knight (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Directory Issue
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · News · [uncredited] · ar; features three “news” items: ACE announcing what was to be their Science Fiction Specials, paying advances of $2,000 and up; BBC announcing a new series of half-hour sf dramas; and an announcement of the demise of IMPULSE (formerly SCIENCE FANTASY) and NEW WORLDS due to “the bankruptcy of a distributor”, and mentions an unconfirmed report that NW had been sold to a British paperback house.
    • 2 · From the President · Damon Knight · cl; announces that neither he nor Lloyd Biggle will run for re-election and that Actives willing to serve should contact the chairman of he election committee, Norman Spinrad.
    • 3 · Calendar of Events · [uncredited] · cl; featuring the Nebula Banquet, Boskone IV, the Milford Conference, and Nycon 3; People and Places, which announces that Spaceways, Inc., which had bought the screen rights to Blish’s “Cities in Flight” series, also purchased The Hour Before Earthrise, announces “a new publishing firm, Weybright & Talley, Inc.”, and offers copies of RIVERSIDE QUARTERLY, edited by Leland Sapiro (then of Saskatoon, Canada), will be sent to “any professional s.f. writer who shows interest…”
    • 4-8 · SFWA Members, 1966 · [uncredited] · ms; with agents listed where applicable, but no addresses (“Letters addressed to members c/o SFWA will be forwarded unopened.”)
    • · Awards Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; “The Scorpions” by Robert Kelly nominated by Harlan Ellison; “The Next Step” by E. A. Moore, nominated by Joseph Green.
    • 9-11 · Tax Breaks for Self-Employed Writers: The Keogh Plan Pension · Robert Silverberg · ar
    • · Journal Checklist · Ted Thomas · cl
    • 12-14 · There’s Nothing Like a Good Foundation · Isaac Asimov · ar
    • 15-17 · Correspondence · The Readers · lc
    • _ · [letter] · Milton A. Rothman · lt
    • _ · [letter] · “God” · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Frederik Pohl · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Jerry Sohl · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Harlan Ellison · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Gene Roddenberry · lt
    • · Publishing Statistics, 1966 · [uncredited] · ms; in which we learn that “In science fiction, 213 books were published in 1966, off 8% from 1965.…By contrast, mysteries were off 14%, westerns off 19%.”
    • 18 · On Donating Manuscripts · Damon Knight · ar
    • 19 · Science Sources · Tom Purdom · ms
    • 20-21 · Forthcoming Books (January-March, 1967) · [uncredited] · ms; Ace, Avon, Ballantine, Dell, Doubleday, Gold Medal, Harcourt Brace & World, Lancer, Macfadden-Bartell, Paperback Library, Pyramid, Putnam, Simon and Schuster.
    • 22-24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl
    • · The Copyright Revision Bill · [uncredited] · ar

    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #2, No. 11, April 1967] ed. Damon Knight (Science Fiction Writers Association, 32pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · [photos] · Various · pi; Features photos of the four winners of the ’66 Nebulas in NYC - Daniel Keyes and Samuel R. Delany (tied for Best Novel), Damon Knight presenting Gordon Dickson with his Neb for “Call Him Lord”, and Mrs. Eva McKenna. Jack Vance (Novella) is not pictured; his Nebula was accepted in LA by Ackerman.
    • 2 · Nebula Awards Report · [uncredited] · ms; A report on the Nebs, held simultaneously in NYC and LA, as well as on those candidates for SFWA officers - Silverberg for President, James Blish and Terry Carr for VP, and Roger Zelazny and Joe Poyer for Sec-Treasurer.
    • 3 · Announcements · [uncredited] · ms; General announcements, including NEW WORLDS receiving a grant from the BAC; a short report on the Ultimate Publishing Co. case; and the appearance of the first issue of SCIENCE FICTION CLASSICS.
    • 4-9 · Ukonomics · John Brunner · ar; “Being a rough guide to the cost of living in London in 1967[sic]”, which includes prices on a number of commodities such as gasoline (“Average 70¢ Imperial gallon”), beer (“at pub, average 35¢ Imperial pint (draft)”), and “Meal in good but unassuming restaurant” (“Under $1 in some places (no wine)”).
    • 9 · Journal Checklist · Ted Thomas · cl
    • 10-13 · Ballantine Contract · [uncredited] · ms; Features a detailed examination of the Ballantine contract.
    • 14-15 · Project Boskone · Damon Knight · ex; excerpts from a speech Damon made at the ’67 Boskone.
    • 16-17 · [photos] · Various · pi; More photos from the Nebs, featuring Eva McKenna, Robert P. Mills and Larry Ashmead; Judith and Roger Zelazny; Frotz Leiber; Betty and Ian Ballantine; Edward L. Ferman; Thomas A. Dardis, Ted Cogswell and Terry Carr; Larry Niven and Carol Soucek; Alexei Panshin, DAW and Keith Laumer;and A. E. van Vogt.
    • 18 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; featuring reports of an auto accident involving Fred and Carol Pohl, and David and Ruth Kyle; the announcement of the death of Charles Beaumont; and a query as to the whereabouts of Jerome Bixby.
    • 19-22 · Blish Testifies on Copyright Bill (James Blish, Vice-President of SFWA, testified on March 15, 1967, before the Subcommittee on Patents, Trade-Marks and Copyrights of the Senate Judiciary Committee…) · [uncredited] · ar
    • 23-25 · Correspondence · The Readers · lc
    • _ · [letter] · Avram Davidson · lt; (lengthy, about firing his agent, “X”)
    • _ · [letter] · John Brunner · lt; (concerning NAL’s edition of The Productions of Time)
    • _ · [letter] · Poul Anderson · lt
    • 26 · Forthcoming Books · [uncredited] · cl; featuring Ace, Avon, Ballantine, Berkley, Doubleday and Paperback Library.
    • 27 · On Simultaneous Submissions: II · [uncredited] · ar; presumeably by Damon.
    • 28-30 · The Foreign Rights Mess · Damon Knight · ar
    • · Awards Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; (too numerous to list here, but I note that “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” was nominated by, among others, Keith Laumer).
    • 31-32 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl

    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #4, No. 13, August 1967] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1 · The ’Ultimate’ Case: Finale · Robert Silverberg · ar; “SFWA has come to an agreement with Sol Cohen of Ultimate Publishing Company on the matter of reprinted stories.…Ultimate agrees to pay fees for these reprints effective August 1, 1967.…”
    • 2-3 · From the President · Robert Silverberg · cl; “Our Founding Fathers will not be inactive in the new SFWA. Lloyd Biggle will serve as chairman of the trusteeship committee that administers the funds generated by our annual Nebula Awards Anthology. Damon Knight remains chairman of the Contracts Committee.…” “From the Editor” by Terry Carr. “More immediately, a mimeographed letter supplement to the Bulletin is planned…” Bob, was this the Genesis of the FORUM?
    • 4 · New SFWA Anthology Series · Robert Silverberg · ar; “Scheduled for future publication by Doubleday is a collection currently titled Science Fiction Hall of Fame.…” I don’t mind admitting that when I read this announcement for the first time last night, my hands shook a little.
    • 4-5 · Nebula Awards 1967 · Robert Silverberg · ar
    • 5-6 · The Yanez Case: II · Lloyd Biggle · ar; about a sleazy Spanish agent named “J. F.-Yanez” who was skimmimg fees multiple times on each sale.
    • 6-7 · The NAL Case · Robert Silverberg & Terry Carr · ar; about Brunner’s fight with NAL over changes made to his The Productions of Time with strong support from Piers Anthony Jacob.
    • 8 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms
    • 9-13 · Within the Reach of Storms · Brian Aldiss · ar; detailing the struggle of IMPULSE and NEW WORLDS to remain afloat. Page 13 adds an annuncement that NW et al received an Arts Council Grant.
    • 13 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; including Margaret St. Clair, Philip K. Dick and Peter S. Beagle, amongst others.
    • 14 · Meet the Editor · [uncredited] · cl; in this case Fred Pohl.
    • 15-19 · What Works for Me · Damon Knight · ar
    • · What Works for Me · James Blish · ar; I intend to share these with my writers’ group.
    • 20-21 · Correspondence · The Readers · lc
    • _ · [letter] · Philip K. Dick · lt
    • _ · [letter] · L. Sprague de Camp · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Virginia Kidd · lt
    • _ · [letter] · Norman Spinrad · lt
    • 22-24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl
    • 24 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; detailing the furor over Ballard’s “Plan for the Assassination of Jaqueline Kennedy” in AMBIT (“Mr. Charles Osborne, assistant literary director of the Arts Council, said, ’I’ve read the article and take no exception to it myself. Is there anything wrong with sexual climaxes or cleaning automobiles?’”). Also, Harlan Ellison reports that he was chosen by Cosmopolitan as “one of the six most eligible bachelors in Hollywood,” and also that he was being sued by Judith Merrill over a character in his “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” script named “Judith Merle.”

    SFWA Bulletin [v3 #5, No. 14, October 1967] ed. Terry Carr (Science Fiction Writers Association, 24pp, octavo s/s) []
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • 1-5 · The Eligibility Question · Robert Silverberg · ar; “Several SFWA members - notably Kit Reed and Nelson S. Bond - have raised the question of a liberalization of the criteria for active mebership in the organization.” This is, unless I’m mistaken, the origin of the “Requal” (for requalification) debate. Bob, am I even close?
    • 5 · reply to “The Eligibility Question” · Kit Reed · ar
    • 6-7 · Recruiting Report · Roger Zelazny · ms; a report from Secretary-Treasurer concerning the recruiting of new members.
    • 8 · The 1967 Hugos · [uncredited] · ms; as awarded at NyCon, voting breakdown supplied by NyCon Chair Ted White. I find it interesting (and a little dismaying) to note that the Dramatic Presentation category consisted of two films (“Fahrenheit 451” and “Fantastic Voyage”) and THREE Star Trek episodes.
    • 9-10 · [untitled] · Robert Silverberg · ms; adds some commentary to the earlier article on copyright renewal.
    • · Donation of Manuscripts: II · Robert Silverberg · ar; adressing how the markets (FSF, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, ORBIT, GALAXY, IF, ANALOG) deal with manuscripts after publication.
    • · Announcement · Alva Rogers · ms; announcement from the treasurer for the 26th WorldCon, about rates and asking that SFWAns attending let the program planners know.
    • 11-13 · How to Collaborate Without Getting Your Head Shaved · Keith Laumer · ar; about his collabs with Rosel George Brown. Also, a brief squib saying “Publishers’ Weekly reports that J. R. R. Tolkien’s ’Lord of the Rings’ has now penetrated to South Vietnam: the Vietnamese Second Corps has taken the lidless eye of Sauron as its battle emblem.” Apparently a US Advisor, in an attempt to perfect his command of the language, translated the trilogy and the locals eagerly adopted the mythology.
    • 14-15 · Nebula Nominations · [uncredited] · ms; I note that in the short fiction categories, no fewer than 7 of the 22 stories were from DV; 3 were from Orbit 2, 5 from F&SF. Also a “Special Note” from Zelazny asking that “Dawn” and “Death and the Executioner” be withdrawn as they made up part of Lord of Light, already nominated.
    • 16-19 · What Works for Me · John Brunner · ar; “When you know you can do something, look for something you don’t know you can’t do. Of course, if you bring it off you’ll be back in the same spot afterwards, but what the hell?” This series of short pieces on writing is part of what I’d love to reprint, assuming that I can gain the permissions. Also on page 19, a letter from Ed ferman announcing that the F&SF anthology flat-rate fees will, henceforth, be increased by 50%. Pres. Silverberg comments that a more equitable arrangement would be based around “an advance against royalties covering a pro-rata share of the anthology’s earnings.” Works for me, hoss.
    • 20 · Meet the Editor · Harry Harrison · cl
    • 21-22 · The SF Writer’s Basic Library · [uncredited] · ms; “Following James Blish’s remark in the last Bulletin that every sf writer should have read the existing critical material on the field, several members asked for a list of these works. Here are the books suggested by Blish, Damon Knight and Richard Lupoff:” I will not post the list unless I’m asked to; I note, however, that I currently own 12 of the listed 15 titles. So how come I ain’t rich?
    • 22 · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; William F. Nolan, George Clayton Johnson, A. J. Budrys, Vaughn Bodé (!), Robert Hoskins, and our very own renovated and veneered Chum, Reb Malzberg.
    • 23 · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; announcing the deaths of Hugo Gernsback, A. A. Wyn, artist George Salter and Edison Marshall; also the ’68 Nebs, to be held simultaneously in NYC and Berserkley.
    • 24 · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; One of the new markets listed is “Anubis, heretofore a fanzine, is changing over to professional status and offering 1 cent a word on acceptance…in the weird-horror-fantasy genre.” The editor and publisher was one Ronald J. Willis of Arlington, Virginia; I’ve never heard of him or the magazine, was it ever actually made available?

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