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    SFWA Bulletin [v6 #3, #30, July 1970] ed. George Zebrowski (16pp, 5½″ x 8½″) []
    Given as v7 #5, whole number 29.
    Details supplied by Bud Webster.
    • · Election Results · Anne McCaffrey · ar; “Gordon R. Dickson Returned to office. Tom Purdom New Vice President, Quinn Yarbro New secretary.”
    • · From the Secretary/Treasurer · Anne McCaffrey · ar; “Without giving way to a typically McCaffrey-type scene, I can’t step down from my official/officious position as Secretary/Treasurer without thanking SFWAns in general for putting up with my various errors, flaws, delayed replies and mix-ups. (Ha! you didn’t know I goofed, did you?)”
    • · The 1969, West-Coast Nebula Awards Banquet, Revisited · Roger Lovin · ar; “1969 will go down in SFWA history as the Year the West Coast stuck it in New York’s Ear…It may also make history on the gab-n’-gobble circuit as the year the rubber chicken was finally laid to rest. Did we eat!”
    • · The Future of SFWA Public Relations · James Gunn · ar; “One way public relations operates is to take advantage of natural public relations opportunities: 1) conventions; 2) awards; 3) publications; 4) visits; 5) articles; 6) courses; 7) films; 8) speakers; and 0) whatever else the fertile minds in this field can think of.”
    • · Title List and Ms. Return Survey Results · John Jakes · ar; “Major publishers of hard and soft cover science fiction were surveyed to obtain a statement of policy on these two questions: 1. Are you willing to carry a list of the author’s previously published titles, including titles not published by you, provided the author furnishes the copy? 2. Is a book manuscript regularly returned to the author after publication? Or is it returned only if the author requests it?” Avon, Bantam, Belmont, and Walker & Co. didn’t reply.
    • · Part Time Jobs for Science Fiction Writers · Tom Purdom · ar; “…I have also encountered a certain amount of prejudice against science fiction writers. Many employers still associate science fiction with bug eyed monsters…” Well, that hasn’t changed much in 45 years.
    • · Nebula Recommendations · [uncredited] · ms; Six of the eight novel nominees were Ace titles.
    • · New Members · [uncredited] · cl; Included Jerry Bixby (Jerome, I presume), Sam Lundwall and Bill Rotsler.
    • · People and Places · [uncredited] · cl; Features a lengthy note from George Scithers about duplicating manuscripts for multiple submissions suggesting that members “…inquire at your local Eastman Kodak Verifax Dealer. Mine sold me a used Bantam copier for $25; it’s worked perfectly ever since.”
    • · Market Report · [uncredited] · cl; Includes an announcement that Dell Books “…has cut back its SF program to near nothing and Gail Morrison will not read new mss. for the present.” I wonder how long that lasted? Also, Chum Silverberg announced that New Dimensions 2 “…is not open yet, and the editor is not reading mss. at the moment.”

    SFWA Bulletin [v6 #4, #31, September/November 1970] []
    Issue not indexed.

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