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    Startling Detective Adventures [v7, #41, December 1931] (Country Press, Inc., 15¢, large pulp, cover by L. Fried) []
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.
    • 8 · How Milwaukee Cleans Up Its Crooks · Chester L. Saxby · ar
    • 22 · “Craig Kennedy,” Master Detective, Reveals the Secrets of the Collings Pirate Mystery · Arthur B. Reeve · ar

    Startling Mystery Magazine   (about)
    An attempt to cash in on the popularity of the “shudder pulps”, Startling Mystery Magazine used reprint covers and paid authors only half the then-going rate. Perhaps as a result it folded after only two issues, though a third issue was planned.

    • Publishers:
      • Fictioneers, Inc.; 2256 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: Startling Mystery Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Startling Mystery (UK)   (about)
    British reprint edition of Startling Mystery Magazine. There was probably only one issue which reprinted stories from the first issue of the American edition.

    • Publishers:
      • Pemberton’s (of Manchester) Ltd.; 14 Lever Street, Manchester 1: Startling Mystery (UK).

    Startling Mystery Stories   (about)
    Startling Mystery Stories specialised in stories where either the detective or villain had supernatural powers or their scientific equivalent. Despite a steadily growing circulation during its 18 issues it was killed in 1971 by increasing costs and distribution problems.

    • Publishers:
      • Health Knowledge, Inc.; New York: Startling Mystery Stories.
    • Editors:

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