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    Subterranean (online)   (about)
    Online magazine. Prior to the first formal issue, a handful of stories and excerpts were published on the Subterranean Press website.

    Subterranean (online) [April 2006] (Subterranean Press, online) []
    • · Excerpt from “Waiting for Bobby Hebert” · Poppy Z. Brite · ex; chapters 5 (“Shake Moves Up in the World”) and 6 (“Stank-Ass Motherfucker”).
      excerpt from the novella that was finally published as “D*U*C*K” (Subterranean Press, January 2007).
    • · Island · Joe R. Lansdale · ss

    Subterranean (online) [October 2006] (Subterranean Press, online) []
    • · The Wreck of the “Mary Byrd” · Cherie Priest · ex
      first part of Dreadful Skin (Subterranean Press, February 2007).

    Subterranean (online) [November 2006] (Subterranean Press, online) []
    • · The Heart · Neal Barrett, Jr. · ss Cross Plains Universe: Texans Celebrate Robert E. Howard ed. Scott A. Cupp & Joe R. Lansdale, MonkeyBrain Books/FACT, 2006

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