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    ’tec—The Five-in-One Detective Magazine   (about)
    Billed as having “five complete novels” in each issue, although each is condensed to a mere 20 pages each. One story in the second issue is original.

    • Publishers:
      • Quintec, Inc.; North Broadway, Albany, NY: ’tec—The Five-in-One Detective Magazine.
    • Editors:
      • Samuel Bierman - Editor: ’tec—The Five-in-One Detective Magazine.

    The Technocrat [v1 #2, April 1939] ed. King Goddard (4pp, 5½″ x 8½″ hectographed) []
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.
    • 2 · In Defense · Olon F. Wiggins · ms [Ref. John W. Campbell, Jr.]; a reply to a letter published in Fantasy News March 12 about a letter to John W. Campbell plus a general riposte to New Fandom.

    Technology Review:   (about)

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