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    Studies in the Fantastic [#4, Winter 2016/Spring 2017] ed. Daniel Dooghan & David Reamer (University of Tampa Press, $18.00, vi+102pp, tp) []
    Details supplied by Douglas A. Anderson.
    • 1 · How to Build a Transsexual Superman: Reading Superman’s Emergence Alongside Histories of Eugenic Science and Gender Confirmation Surgeries · Dan Vena · ar
    • 24 · How to Hack Lovecraft, Make Friends with His Monsters, and Hijack His Mythos: Reading Biology and Racism in Elizabeth Bear’s “Shoggoths in Bloom” · Anthony Camara · ar [Ref. Elizabeth Bear]
    • 48 · Ghana-da’s Tall-Telling: Reframing History, Estranging Science, and Appropriating Indigenous Structures of Feeling · Anwesha Maity · ar
    • 82 · “The Icy Bleakness of Things”: The Aesthetics of Decay in Thomas Ligotti’s “The Bungalow House” · Chris Brawley · ar [Ref. Thomas Ligotti]
    • 101 · Notes on Contributors · [uncredited] · bg

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