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    Ten Detective Aces:   (about)
    Ten Detective Aces was probably the most successful of the many magazines that Harold Hersey launched, and certainly one of the longest running, but it took a while to find its mark. For the first 16 issues (to April 1930) it was called The Dragnet Magazine and initially focussed on stories about gangsters and organised crime. However, by 1930 public interest in gangsters was fading and the magazine became more of a detective pulp, initially (for 24 issues) under the hybrid name Detective-Dragnet Magazine and then finally, from March 1933, under the name Ten Detective Aces under which it ran for an impressive 16 years.

    The Dragnet Magazine

    • Publishers:
      • Magazine Publishers, Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: The Dragnet Magazine.
    • Editors:

    The Dragnet Magazine [v1 #1, October 1928] (pulp) []
    Believed not to exist. None recorded at the Library of Congress for copyright. The serials commence v1 #2. Letters to Editor discuss only stories contained in v1 #2 and later issues. No v1 #1 has ever been reported.

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