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    Trunk Stories [#2, December 2004] ($4.00, 44pp+, 7″ x 8½″) []
    Available in two editions, the regular edition and a special edition (limited to 100 numbered copies) containing a painstakingly hand-crafted pop-up centerfold.

    Truth [December 26, 1878] (1/-, 36pp) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at HathiTrust.
    • · The Vision of “Truth” · [uncredited] · ss; “The Editor of Truth” as Dante-character in long burlesque of Dante’s INFERNO, with contemporary references (Gladstone playing the role of Virgil, etc.).

    Truth [February 13, 1879] (6d, 36pp) []
    No fiction.

    Truth [February 25, 1879] (6d, 36pp) []
    No fiction.

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