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    2 Daring Love Novels [Vol. 1 No. 1, January 1948] (Zenith Publishing Corp., 25¢, 98pp, pulp) []
    • 4 · Escape from Desire · Vida Hurst · n. Gramercy, 1946, as “Masquerade”; condensed.
    • 40 · Too Many Kisses · Carol Holliston · n. Gramercy, 1946, as “Beautiful Butterfly”; condensed.

    Two-Fisted Detective Stories (1950s)   (about)
    Two-Fisted Detective Stories was another of the action-packed, violent, crime-adventure fiction magazines of the mid-1950s which added large measures of brutal sex to rough and ruthless tales of murder and mayhem.

    • Publishers:
      • Reese Publishing Co., Inc.; 1776 Broadway, New York 19, NY: Two-Fisted Detective Stories.

    Two-Fisted Detective Stories (1980s)   (about)
    The first issue was devoted entirely to Robert E. Howard, but the second issue contained a selection of fiction from other authors.

    • Publishers:
      • Cryptic Publications; 107 East James Street, Mount Olive, NC 28365: Two-Fisted Detective Stories.
    • Editors:

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