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    Weird World   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Gannet Press (Sales) Limited, Birkenhead, England: Weird World.

    Weird Worlds (US, 1978)   (about)
    A mixed fiction/non-fiction magazine distributed only through schools. Other issues may exist.

    • Publishers:
      • Scholastic Book Services: Weird Worlds.
    • Editors:

    Semi-professional magazine, some issues were also done in hardcover as collectors’ editions. See also Toadstool Wine and Eerie Country and its successors, which were issued to decrease the backlog of stories bought for Weirdbook.

    • Publishers:
      • W. Paul Ganley; Chambersburg, PA: Weirdbook, #1 – #5.
      • W. Paul Ganley; Buffalo, NY: Weirdbook, #6 – .
    • Editors:

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