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    Unhinged   (about)
    Small press fantasy/horror fiction magazine. Available from Paul Lockey, 9 South View Terrace, Silsden, KEIGHLEY, West Yorkshire, BD20 0AS.

    • Publishers:
      • Paul J. Lockey: Unhinged.
    • Editors:

    The Union Jack   (about)
    v1 Comments: The covers of the first 5 issues used an inaccurate picture of the flag, then they fixed it up. The serial “In Times of Peril; A Tale of the Indian Mutiny” is a sequel to the almost identically titled “Times of Peril; A Tale of India” after a 3 month interval. The serial “A Search For the Mountain of Gold” was condensed by the editor, but the full text was allegedly available in book form from Griffith & Farran. “Eton Forty Years Ago” is by “An Old Etonian” and edited by Bernard Heldmann. Illustrator “S. Berkley” (sic) is probably NOT Stanley Berkeley.

    v3 Comments:
    The serial “Victor’s False Friend” was translated by W. H. G. Kingston and Mrs. Kingston.

    The Union Jack [v1, #3, January 15, 1880] (1d, 16pp, cover by S. Berkley) []
    • 33 · Times of Peril; A Tale of India [Part 3 of 6] · G. A. Henty · sl; illustrated by S. Berkley
    • 37 · With Fire and Sword; A Tale of the Russo-Turkish War; By One Who Went Through It [Part 3 of 14] · D. Christie Murray · sl; illustrated by “XX”
    • 41 · Paddy Finn; Or, The Exploits and Adventures of an Irish Midshipman, Afloat and Ashore [Part 3 of 26] · W. H. G. Kingston · sl; illustrated by P. Atkinson
    • 45 · Dan Kelly and the Bear; Or, Under the Snow; An Adventure in Norway · Phil Potton · ss
    • 46 · The Great Unknown; Or, The Adventures of Robbin, Bobbin, Watkin, And Pippin [Part 2 of 4] · Ascott R. Hope · sl
    • 48 · Editor’s Box · W. H. G. Kingston, uncredited · ed

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