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    The Washington Post [August 28, 2019] []
    Book World section.
    • 2 · Reigniting My Love of Words · Barbara Kingsolver · mm; online as “How Barbara Kingsolver Reignited Her Love Affair with Words”.

    The Washington Post [December 18, 2019] []
    • C10 · Mystery About Family Roots Inspires Writer in First Novel · Mary Quattlebaum · ar [Ref. Christine Day]; online as “Real-life family mystery inspires debut novel ‘I Can Make This Promise’”.

    The Washington Post [June 19, 2020] []
    Weekend section.
    • 15 · A Prescient Look at “Dorian Gray” · Celia Wren · ar [Ref. Oscar Wilde]; about the adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Firehouse Theatre.

    The Washington Post [August 1, 2021] []
    • E10 · Kazuo Ichiguro on What Moves Us and What Matters in These Interesting Times · Mary Laura Philpott · iv [Ref. Kazuo Ishiguro]; an abridged version of an interview she did for the Nashville Public Television show A Word on Words.

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