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    Western Fiction Magazine (20200s):   (about)

    Western Library   (about)
    The Western Library was, in Amalgamated Press terms, rather short-lived, running to only 110 issues between 1950 and 1954. The 64-page stories appeared in the same pocket library format as the more famous Sexton Blake Library, sharing with the latter a number of authors (T.C.H. Jacobs, better known as Jacques Pendower, for instance), as well as its editor Len Pratt. Unlike the Blake series, a number of Western Library titles were reprints of American novels, by such famous authors as Ernest Haycox, Max Brand and Clarence E. Mulford (the creator of Hopalong Cassiday). The longest running series was the Lannagan tales of John Hunter, which were translated into picture strips in a companion Cowboy Library. Shorter series included the Careless O’Connor series by Mike M’Cracken (Gordon Landsborough) and the Whip McCord series by Jacobs. Other series may exist.

    The title was fully illustrated, with some stunning covers by D.C. Eyles and internal illustrations by the likes of James Holdaway.
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.

    Western Library [No. 14, Oct 1950] (Amalgamated Press, 64pp, 5″ x 7″) []
    • · Danger Rides the Desert · Amos Moore · n. Washburn, 1939

    Western Library [No. 16, Nov 1950] (Amalgamated Press, 64pp, 5″ x 7″) []
    • · Smoky Pass · Ernest Haycox · n. Doubleday, 1934, as “Riders West”

    Western Library [No. 20, Jan 1951] (Amalgamated Press, 64pp, 5″ x 7″) []
    • · Crooked Horn · Max Brand · n. Hodder & Stoughton, 1934

    Western Library [No. 21, Feb 1951] (Amalgamated Press, 64pp, 5″ x 7″) []
    • · The Border Kid · Norman A. Fox · n. Phoenix, 1942, as “The Stampede Kid”

    Western Library [No. 23, Mar 1951] (Amalgamated Press, 64pp, 5″ x 7″) []
    • · Riders of the Rim Rocks · William MacLeod Raine · n. Houghton Mifflin, 1940, as “Riders of Buck River”

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