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    Live Stories [Vol. XLVI No. 3, October 1924] (20¢) []
    Issue not indexed.

    The Wonder Library   (about)
    Publisher: Amalgamated Press.
    Run: Sep 1915-Mar 1916 (14 issues).
    Frequency: 2 per month (3rd Friday of month).
    Format: 120+pp.
    Price: 3d.
    Comments: Contains a complete 80,000 word novel in each issue, mostly reprinted from Illustrated Chips, The Wonder and Comic Cuts. There is a probable dating error in the Run below since the title was extensively pushed in Chips until the issue for May 20, 1916.

    The Wonder Library [#12, February 1916] (Amalgamated Press, 3d, 120pp+) []
    • · The Heart of the Slums; or, Honour Among Thieves · H. B. Richmond · n. Illustrated Chips 1914

    The Wonder Library [#14, March 1916] (Amalgamated Press, 3d, 120pp+) []
    • · The River Police · H. Havant, uncredited · n. Illustrated Chips 19??

    Wonder Stories:   (about)
    Formed by a merger of Air Wonder Stories and Science Wonder Stories.

    Wonder Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Stellar Publishing Corporation; Mt. Morris, IL: Wonder Stories, Jun 1930 – Nov 1933.
      • Continental Publications, Inc.; Springfield, MA: Wonder Stories, Dec 1933 – Apr 1936.
    • Editors:

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