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    Yorkshire Evening Post [January 23, 1947] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · Fruitless Errand · Edith Thomas · ss; competition runner-up; 2nd prize; of 11 Bradford Road, Wakefield.

    Yorkshire Evening Post [January 28, 1947] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · The Truck · G. H. Chappell · ss; competition runner-up; 3rd prize; of 14 Victoria Grove, Leeds.

    Yorkshire Evening Post [January 30, 1947] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · The Green Titfer · James Thurlby · ss; competition runner-up; of Oval Road, East Dene, Rotherham.

    Yorkshire Evening Post [May 6, 1948] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · Ambrosia-Paraffin · Alfred Taylor · ss; 38-year-old engineer, lives in Meltham, nr. Huddersfield.

    Yorkshire Evening Post [May 7, 1949] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · Rubbalong and the Upside Down People [Rubbalong Tales] · Enid Blyton · ss The Evening Standard April 14 1949, as “All Upside Down”
    • · The Last of the Pikes · Alfred Taylor · ss; of Huddersfield; won an Evening Post short story competition in 1947 with his story “Up On the Ridge” after which he joined the staff. His first assignment was to report on a trek through the Pennine country which appeared in June 1948.

    Yorkshire Evening Post [October 6, 1950] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · Winning Trick · J. B. Roberts · ss; 56-year-old author is yard foreman at a Wakefield mining engineering works. He left school at 12 and, to use his own words, “seldom even uses a pen.” He has produced several short stories, but “up to now never had the courage to submit one.”

    Young Athlete’s Weekly [#3, February 10, 1905] (Frank Tousey Publisher) []
    from Adventure House auction.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • · Frank Manley’s Ice King; of, The Fastest Craft on Runners · Physical Director · ss

    The Young Crusader [v70 #1, January 1957] (Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 10¢, 16pp, cover by Seifert) []
    Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Glenn G. Hays. Managing Editor, Mrs. Millie R. Powell. Circulation Manager, Mrs. Elizabeth T. Nelsen. 50¢/year but a single issue to a foreign address was 68¢. First issue was January 1887, so we will probably never list all of them.
    Details supplied by Mark Owings.

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