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    Blue Star Adventure    (about)
    Blue Star #1 was “Ace of the Speedway” by F.G. Rayer, a non-sf adventure story. It would appear that #2 was the only sf title published. Other imprints from this publisher were Green Star Western and Red Star Detective.

    • Publishers:
      • Grafton Publications; Dublin: Blue Star Adventures

    Blue Steel Magazine    (about)
    Something of a puzzle since this magazine began with Vol. 1 No. 2 and the second issue is Vol. 1 No. 4. Steeger says it was an experiment to supplant Gang World though that magazine picked up sales and continued regardless. The two issues are the same as the February 1932 and April 1932 issues of Gang World.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications, Inc.; 205 East 42nd Street, New York, NY: Blue Steel Magazine

    • Editors:

    Bluebook for Men [February 1961] (cover by Mel Crair)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • The Red, Red Flowers [Milo March] · M. E. Chaber · ss; “Fabulous Milo March, Secret Agent, parachutes into Russia to rescue a captured U-2 pilot—With unexpected results.”
    • Last Flight · Hank Searls · ss; “A washed-up weekend warrior takes off on his last hop for the Navy, and finds it his toughest decision.”; illustrated by Vic Prezio
    • Epitaph for a Fast Gun · Andrew Robin · ss; “He swore never to kill again but that was before he met the trigger-happy gunslinger, Curly Bart.”
    • The Grasshopper Commandos · William Chamberlain · ss; “How to become—and remain—a sergeant in this here United States Army. An hilarious tale of the peacetime yardbirds.”; illustrated by Herb Mott
    • "A Dark People Thing" · John D. MacDonald · ss; “A television film star learns that Voodoo and the hex still operate in the Congo—but learns it too late.”; illustrated by Jim Infantino
    • The Man Who Told the Truth · Pat Frank · ss; “He Swore he’d killed her, and the cops wouldn’t believe him.”; illustrated by Basil Gogos
    • Hic...The Same Old New Year’s Eve · Herbert Goldberg · ar; “Herb Goldberg examines tippling through the centuries.”
    • The Shame of Iwo Jima · Ladislas Farago · ar; “America’s worst scandal of World War II and the story behind it—told for the first time!”
    • I’m Through with Fund Raising · William Pendleton · ar; “A corporation executive puts the blast on one of our most vicious modern evils.”
    • Death on the Loose · Jack Duncan · ts; “A true tale of horror that’s guaranteed to give you the cold chills.”; illustrated by Irving Zusman
    • What’s Wrong with Our Athletes? · Jesse Owens · ar; “Our greatest living ex-Olympian comes up with some suggestions for winning the next world championship.”
    • Ordeal in Paradise · Tom Bailey · ts; “Every man’s dream—to be cast away on a desert island with a beautiful girl—and what happened to one man who experienced it.”; illustrated by Ted Lewin

    Bluebook for Men [April 1962] (cover by George Gross)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Last Voyage of the Ketch Bluebill · Carl Sherman · ts; “A tense tale of violence...hell on the high seas.”; illustrated by George Gross
    • Sergeants Are for Dying · Michael McWilliams · ts; “The courage of the three stripers, guts of any army.”
    • The Wonderful World of Barney Stein · Barney Stein · ts; “The hazards and adventures of being an ace photographer.”
    • Torpedo Junction · Stan Smith · ts; “Midway! The action that revenged Pearl Harbor—as seen by one man.”
    • Man with the X-Ray Eye · Leo Guild · ts; “World’s greatest hypnotist and some crimes he has solved.”
    • How Lester Drove the T-Men Wacky · Anthony Merrill · ts; “He committed the perfect crime while the T-Men watched.”
    • Gullible’s Travels · Dale Allen · ss; “Another guy had taken over his house, his food and his woman.”; illustrated by Earl Norem
    • The Tachypomp · E. P. Mitchell · ss The Sun Jan 1874, uncredited; “This eerie fantasy would make even Alf Hitchcock shudder.”
    • Guaranteed! Nothing More Beautiful in the Mountains · [Various] · ct; “Cartoonists look at (and poke fun at), suburbia.”
    • I’ll Be the Next Heavyweight Champ! · Sonny Liston · ar
    • Demon Lover and His Ladies Four · James Wakefield Burke · ts; “He could keep many, hungry women happy—until one day....”
    • 15 Mistakes Everyone Makes on the Stock Market · Jules Archer · ar; “Avoid sure-fire losses and chances are you’ll make money.”

    Bluebook for Men [September 1962] (cover by George Gross)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Murder at Sucker Creek · Andrew Robin · ts; “A jealous trapper, a sexpot indian maid and a vanished partner spell out murder for the Canadian mounties.”
    • The Day World War III Almost Started · Paul Meskil · ts; “East Germans who tried to kindle a Russian-American war on Christmas Day, 1958.”
    • Wolf Dogs · Carl Sherman · ts; “In the Vietnam jungles, U.S. dogs are outwitting guerrillas.”
    • Fantastic Flight of Arthur Aaron · Ralph Barker · ts; “How much agony can a man take? The incredible story of a dying pilot who tried to land his shattered bomber.”
    • King of (Stolen) Diamonds · Frank O’Leary · ts; “A crooked fence who double-crossed one crook too many.”
    • Cartoonists Say “Seein’ Is Believin’” · [Various] · ct
    • Baseball’s Secret Feuds · Larry Reich · ar; “Stories newspapers don’t dare tell the sports fans.”
    • The Front Page · Alan Hynd · ar; “Walter Howey, Editor: Write those headlines first—then find the story to fit.”
    • Last One Off Is a... · Clifford W. Cox · ts; “A superstitious sailor, a school of sharks and a smell of danger foretell the end of a U.S. warship.”
    • Queens Wild · Duane Yarnell · ar; “When bluffing in poker or for women—the quiet man wins.”
    • Over-Passionate Women: Dilemma of U.S. Males · Jules Archer · ar; “Paradox of the rise in over-sexed women versus over-tired men.”
    • Those Border Sin Towns Are Back Again · Simon Lee Garth · ar; “Bluebook reporter’s adventures in Mexico and his advice to the vice-lorn.”

    Bluebook for Men [May 1963] (cover by Bob Schulz)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Nympho Bitch Who Ruled Ravensbruck’s All-Women Hell Camp · James Collier · ts; “Jackbooted lesbian Thea Binz’ ghastly murders of girl slaves and SS guards made Buchenwald’s Ilse Koch look like a sainted nun.”
    • The Warm-up Girls in Charlie Spaine’s Igloo · Leon Lazarus · ts; “Midway in a 56-day freeze, the downed pilot fell into a life-saving miracle—six of the loveliest thaw-out nymphs in Alaska.”
    • That Horse-Laughing, Rat-Packing, Black Sheep Brother-in-Law—Peter Lawford · K. T. Leonard · ar; “Called both "The Clan’s whipping post” and “JFK’s english valet”, the ex-grease monkey has somehow hacked out a world of his own."
    • Enslaved Yank on Africa’s Dreaded Skeleton Coast · Jack Lasco · ts; “Watching his German captors sink 1,500,000 tons of U.S. South Atlantic shipping, his one aim was to report the incredible facts.”
    • Philadelphia’s “Double Hex” Cult That Poisoned 200 · S. P. Free · ts; “The web of murders was so tangled the D.A. needed a football coach’s chart to show who had done what to whom.”
    • Castaway Lt. Miller’s 43-Day War on Jap-Held Arundel Island · Stan Smith · ts; “Left to die, he spiralled the grenade that wiped out his 23rd Nip and made him "the greatest Robinson Crusoe commando of WW II”."
    • The Death Ray That Dooms the Bomber · Carl Sherman · ar; “Behind the scrapping of our B-52s: a light beam that from 3,000 miles off will roast a pilot’s eyes, burn up his plane in mid-air.”

    Bluebook for Men [v102 #7, August 1963] ed. Stephen West (H.S. Publications, Inc., 35¢, 82pp, quarto, cover by George Gross)
    published by Hy Steirman. Details supplied by Douglas Greene.
    • 6 · Blueline Special · [Various] · cl
    • 8 · Cracker Box · [Various] · hu
    • 10 · The Time of My Life; two colorful personal adventures.
    • _10 · I Went on a Binge with a Corpse · Harry Leslie, Jr. · ts
    • _10 · I Really Licked My Weight in Wildcats · John Olsen · ts
    • 13 · Bold Challenge to the U.S.S.R.: Our New Underseas Air Fleet · Don Knize · ar
    • 16 · Knock Out the ’Cyclops’—Save the Anzio Landing · Sam Shalotte · ts; illustrated by George Gross
    • 18 · How the FBI Nabs Its “Ten Most Wanted” · A. V. Loring · ar
    • 20 · Nobody Here but Us Lusty Rascals · Anon. · ct
    • 22 · The Fabulous Career of “Madame Drachma”: All Greece Was Her Love-Pen · James Collier · ts
    • 26 · Merci Mercedes · Anon. · pi; given in the Table of Contents as “Don’t Call This Mercedes Souped Up” starting on page 34.
    • 30 · American Agent Murdoch’s Escape from Russia’s Dragnet · Robert Laguardia · ts
    • 34 · After 29 Days They Ate Pilot Malmgren · K. T. Leonard · ts
    • 36 · Peacetime Yanks Enslaved by Mindoro Jap Hold-Outs · L. N. Dell · ar
    • 70 · You Said It · [The Readers] · lc

    Bluebook for Men [December 1963] (cover by Bruce Minney)
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • Whiskey, Wild Women...and the Savage Chinese Giant · James Collier · ts; “On July 11, 1960, three key U.S. scientists in Rome became targets of the Red’s most fantastic undercover plot of the Cold War.”
    • Operation Nightmare—SS Kapitan R., Commanding · Paul Meskil · ts; “When the German army failed to take Holland, the Gestapo brought in its favorite executioner and 140,000 Dutchmen were doomed.”
    • "Nobody Testifies against Joe the Barber—and Lives" · Peter Rocco · ts; “For 30 years, Joe Barbara led a charmed life in the Mafia’s inner circle. Then he made his first mistake—he held a gangland steak-fry.”
    • The Island That Went Berserk! · Stanley S. Jacobs · ar; “Early in 1963, Gunung Agung, the sleeping monster of Bali came alive—and in five days turned the island into a land of horror.”
    • Revolt of Rangoon’s Decoy Girls · Leon Lazarus · ts; “It was up to some sarong-clad beauties, U.S. commandos and a herd of elephants to trap the Japs in the jungle north of the Burma seaport.”
    • Crazy Henry—The Genius who Packaged Death · Glenn Daniels · ts; “Somewhere among New York’s busy millions, an anonymous little man sat in his room deciding who would live and who would die.”
    • The Pagan Orgies of Mexico’s 20th Century Cannibal Cult · Stewart O’Malley · ts; “Here is the shocking report of the human sacrifices held this year in the caves of Yerbabuena, only 100 miles soutb of the Texas border.”
    • Bluebelle of the Month: Shirley Anne Goode · Anon. · pi

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