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    Aldine Boxing Novels    (about)
    Publisher: Aldine Publishing Co.
    Run: Jan 1925-Jan 1932 (92 numbered issues).
    Becomes: Aldine Boxing Novels [Second Series].
    Frequency: Monthly except 2 per month Sep 1928-Mar 1929.
    Format: 8¼" x 5" / 7¼" x 5" from 69.
    Price: 4½d. / 4d.
    Editor: Walter H. Light.
    Comments: Contained a complete 50,000 word novel each issue.

    Long-running series of 50,000 word novels from Aldine, mostly written by Aldine’s regular sporting writers, especially Peter W. Batten (under his own name and the pen-names Peter Woodruff and Richard Worth). Other, mostly pseudonymous, authors included Tom Lloyd, Reid Whitley (R. Coutts Armour), Richard Goyne, T. Le Breton (T. Murray Ford) and an early, single novel by Sydney Horler. Some later titles were reprints, a policy continued when the series was relaunched (see Aldine Boxing Novels [Second Series]).

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