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    Fantastic Novels Magazine (Canada) [v4 #1, May 1950] (25¢, pulp)
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found - Probably a direct reprint of the US issue of the same date.
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    • Three Against the Stars · Eric North · na Melbourne Herald 1924, as “The Satyr”

    Fantastic Science Fiction    (about)
    According to Walter Gibson all of the stories in this magazine were written either by himself or Ed Burkholder. Gibson could only identify one of his pseudonyms. One of the bylines is a known Burkholder pseudonym. J. Randolph Cox, who prepared a massive bibliography of Gibson’s work, examined the remainder of the stories and is of the opinion that the two Bruce Crandall stories are probably by Gibson, and that the others are probably not. The bylines have been annotated appropriately.

    • Publishers:
      • Super Science Fiction Publishers; Derby, CT: Fantastic Science Fiction, Aug 1952.
      • Capitol Stories, Inc.; Derby, CT: Fantastic Science Fiction, Dec 1952.

    • Editors:
      • Walter B. Gibson - Editor: Fantastic Science Fiction.
      • Ed Burkholder - Associate Editor: Fantastic Science Fiction.
      • Litzka Raymond - Associate Editor: Fantastic Science Fiction.

    • Features:

    Fantastic Story Quarterly

    • Publishers:
      • Best Books; Springfield, MA: Fantastic Story Quarterly, Spr 1950 – Spr 1951.
      • Best Books; Kokomo, IN: Fantastic Story Magazines, Sum 1951 – Spr 1955.

    • Editors:
      • Sam Merwin - Editor: Fantastic Story Quarterly, Spr 1950 – ?.
      • Samuel Mines - Editor: Fantastic Story Magazine, Win 1952 – Fll 1954.
      • Fanny Ellsworth - Managing Editor: Fantastic Story Magazine, Fll 1952 – Jul 1953.
      • Fanny Ellsworth - Executive Editor: Fantastic Story Magazine, Sep 1953 – Win 1954.
      • Pat Jones - Assistant Editor: Fantastic Story Magazine, Spr 1954.

    • Features:

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