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    Exciting Mystery    (about)
    A short-lived detective pulp that never found an audience.

    • Publishers:
      • Nedor Publishing Company; 10 East 40th Street, New York, NY: Exciting Mystery

    Exciting Navy Stories [v1 #1, April 1942] (Better Publications, 10¢, 100pp, pulp)
    Details supplied by Monte Herridge.
    • 8 · Anchors Aweigh · [The Editor] · ed
    • 15 · Remember Pearl Harbor · Jean Francis Webb · ss; Lieutenant Lee Wylie of the Naval Air Force is Caught in a Whirling Maelstrom of Battle as the War in the Pacific Begins!
    • 33 · Atlantic Patrol · Norman A. Daniels · ss
    • 42 · The First Line of Defense · Charles Stoddard · ar
    • 48 · A Marine Has Landed · Laurence Donovan · ss; Matt Rooney, Fighting Marine, Blocks the Hidden Threat that Menaces Our Pacific Coast!
    • 63 · Dawn at Wake Island · Arthur J. Burks · ss; The Marines Welcome Jap Raiders with Hot Lead.
    • 71 · The Suicide Submarine · A. R. Flagstaff · ss; The Convoy System Faces its Most Desperate Challenge.
    • 81 · Death Wears a Uniform · Riley Brown · ss; Slater Safeguards Thousands of Fighting Men.
    • 95 · The Bosun Pipes · The Bosun · ms

    Exciting Sports:    (about)
    Exciting Sports was the third general sports pulp from the ’Thrilling’ stable, running for 42 issues from 1941 to 1951. For the final 4 issues the title changed to Five Sports Classics. To begin with, Exciting Sports had ’special’ issues which had either all baseball or all American football stories; it wasn’t until later that it became a truly ’general’ pulp with stories from other sports other than these mixed in.

    Exciting Sports [v2 #2, Winter (December 1941) 1942] (Better Publications, Inc., 10¢, 112pp+, pulp)
    ’Gala all-football fiction number’ Details supplied by Richard Fidczuk.

    Exciting Sports [v3 #1, Summer (June) 1942] (Better Publications, Inc., 10¢, 112pp+, pulp)
    ’All-star baseball fiction number’ Details supplied by Richard Fidczuk.

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