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    Extracts from the Futurian [v1, Autumn & Winter 1939] ed. J. Michael Rosenblum (; 13 Bentcliffe Avenue, Leeds 7, 6pp+, 5¼" x 8")
    “A Green Jester Publication”. In addition to the normal issues, there was also a supplement for FAPA members because The Futurian couldn’t afford to send 200 copies of the main fanzine to FAPA. So, instead, they sent an extract of the issues that had been printed. Details supplied by Alistair Durie.
    • 1 · Explanation to FAPA members · Editor · ed
    • 2 · Directory of Current British Fan Mags · Anon. · ar
    • 3 · Ballad des Gens du Voyage · Harold Gotliffe · pm
    • 4,5 · Diagrams of Lunar Spaceship · Anon. · ar
    • 6 · Some Recent Additions to the Leeds SFL Library · Anon. · ar

    Exuberance    (about)
    Small press sf/fantasy/horror fiction magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Exuberance; Herts, England: Exuberance

    • Editors:

    • Features:

    F.B.I. Detective Stories    (about)
    F.B.I. Detective Stories was introduced in February 1949 and ran on a regular bimonthly schedule for 14 issues—quite a long life for a magazine about “The Feds”, particularly at a time when the general trend was long past.

    • Publishers:
      • All-Fiction Field, Inc.; 2256 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: F.B.I. Detective Stories

    • Editors:

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