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    George Pal’s Tales of Space Conquest    (about)
    This magazine never appeared. A mock-up does exist with stories present, notes for ads and illustrations, and a hand written contents page. Special thanks to Forrest J Ackerman for this data.

    The Ghost, Super-Detective:    (about)
    Featuring George Chance, a stage magician turned hero, The Ghost, Super-Detective was a low-budget effort from the start, featuring only the lead novel and a couple of short stories. After three issues it had a single issue as simply The Ghost Detective, followed by another three as The Green Ghost Detective, before succumbing to the World War II paper shortage.

    The Ghost, Super-Detective

    • Publishers:
      • Better Publications, Inc.; 22 West 48th Street, New York, NY: The Ghost, Super-Detective

    • Editors:

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