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    Hunted Detective Story Magazine    (about)
    Created as a companion magazine to Pursuit Detective Story Magazine—the two titles were published in alternating months.

    • Publishers:
      • Star Publications, Inc.; 1 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA: Hunted Detective Story Magazine

    • Editors:
      • L. B. Cole - Editor: Hunted Detective Story Magazine, Dec 1954 – Apr 1956.
      • George Peltz - Editor: Hunted Detective Story Magazine, Jun 1956 – Oct 1956.

    HunterGatheress Journal [v1, March 2008] ed. Joan d’Arc (114pp, quarto)
    A Collection of Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry from the Middle Stoned Age.
    • Part 1—Tall Tales of Synchronicity
    • Spacegun ’54!: Mass Rumours Over Orgonon · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • Blind Spot: A Gnostic Tale of the Soul’s Journey Into Time · Joan d’Arc · ss
    • Disco Volante · Paul Laffoley · ar
    • The Klaatu Conspiracy · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • The Adventures of Tina-Bob in Cyberspace · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • Real Black Magick: The Ancient Roots of Deception · Eugenia Macer-Story · ar
    • On Becoming a Shadow · Paul Laffoley · ar
    • The Twelfth Thunder: Beyond the Digital Environment of Finnegans Wake · Robert Guffey · ar
    • "On My Tracks" A European Travelogue · Alec K. Redfearn · ar
    • The Fully Automated Ground Aridation Network · Andrew J. O’Neill · ar
    • Subprime Girl · Len Bracken · ss
    • Demonesque Fiction: Hot Lunch · James Quigley · ar
    • Part 2—Paranoid Women Institute
    • Making Sense of Mind Control and ’No-Touch’ Torture · Cheryl Welsh · ar
    • The Girl Divides Herself Up · Beth Goobie · ss
    • Beings in NothingDrive: An Existential Analysis of the Travis Walton UFO Abduction · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • R Is for Ruthless: Robert F. Kennedy and Otto Otepka · Joan Mellen · ar
    • St. Germain’s Top Secret Code Revealed: The Triangle Book · Iona Miller · ar
    • The Skeleton in Uncle Sam’s Closet: Hartford Van Dyke on Pearl Harbor · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • Remote Beam Harassment · Beth Goobie · ar
    • Directed Panspermia and the Zoo Hypothesis · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • The War at Home: Agent Orange in the City of New Orleans · Jane Crown · ar
    • Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of Catholic Priests · Tracy R. Twyman · ar
    • Part 3—Health Reports
    • Stages of Health Report · Carolyn Dean, M.D. · ar
    • The Artificially Sweetened Tale of Aspartame · Cori Brackett · ar
    • How I stopped farting and learned to live with IBS · Joan d’Arc · ar
    • I Was a Wino for the California Wine Institute · Joan d’Arc · ar

    Hush    (about)
    A monthly magazine, printed on very poor quality pulp paper, and published by the Detective Story Club, an offshoot of William Collins, more famous for the Crime Club series of books.

    • Publishers:
      • Detective Story Club Ltd.; 5 Bridewell Place, London EC4: The Hush

    • Editors:

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