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    Hank Janson Detective Magazine    (about)
    Short lived digest magazine which seemingly published a single Hank Janson story in each issue. Precise issues published unknown.

    • Publishers:
      • Flamingo Publications, Inc.; New York, NY: Hank Janson Detective Magazine

    Happy Days [January 5, 1895]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
    • Need Contents
    • Frank Reade, Jr., in Japan with His War Cruiser of the Clouds [Part 1 of 8; Frank Reade, Jr.] · Noname · na

    Happy Days [June 27, 1896]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
    • Need Contents
    • Frank Reade, Jr. in Cuba; or, Helping the Patriots with His Latest Air-Ship [Part 1 of 7; Frank Reade, Jr.] · Noname · na

    Happy Days [v10 #259, #261, September 30, 1899]
    Details supplied by Mike Ward.
    • Going Out West: or, The Fortunes of a Bright Boy · C. Little · ss
    • Left on Treasure Island: or, The Boy Who Was Forgotten · R. T. Emmet · ss
    • His Last Chance, or, Uncle Dick’s Fortune · Caston Carne · ss
    • Wall Street Will: or, Winning a Fortune in a Week · Jas. D. Montague · ss
    • Young Admiral Dewey; or, The Rival Steamboats of Long Lake · Frank Forrest · ss
    • Across the Continent on Cheek: or, Tommy Bounce and His Funny Adventures · Sam Smiley · ss
    • Something About Storms · [Misc.] · ms
    • The White Nine; or, The Race for the Oakville Pennant · Albert J. Booth · ss

    Happy Mag.    (about)
    Happy Mag.—UK; Jun. 1922-May 1940; Newnes, London; monthly; standard pulp; the chief home of Richmal Crompton’s “William” stories for nearly 18 years: there was an episode in almost every issue, and William frequently appeared on the cover (illustrated by Thomas Henry [Thomas Henry Fisher]); primarily a magazine of humour for all the family, it also published K. R. G. Browne, Edgar Wallace and many other writers

    Happy Mag. [v1 #1, June 1922]
    Incomplete Data - Issue not found.

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