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    Title changed from The Journal of Canadian Content in Speculative Literature.

    • Publishers:
      • NorthWords; Nepean, OT, Canada: NorthWords

    • Editors:

    Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts [v23 #1, #83, 2012]
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 4-24 · “More Than Human”: The Queer Occult Explorer of the Fin-de-Siècle · Mark De Cicco · ar
    • 25-39 · “A Sort of Mouse-Person”: Radicalizing Gender in The Witches · Jennifer Mitchell · ar
    • 40-59 · The Aesthetics of Risk in Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later · Jordan S. Carroll · ar
    • 60-81 · “Ta’mey Dun, Bommey Dun” (Great Deeds, Great Songs): The Klingon Opera U as Ethnodramaturgical Performance · Jen Gunnels · ar; illustrated.
    • 82-101 · “You Have Grown Very Much”: The Scouring of the Shire and the Novelistic Aspects of The Lord of the Rings · Nicholas Bims · ar

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