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    Leer [December 1956] ed. Charles Lee Riddle (Charles Lee Riddle, 16pp)
    Details supplied by René Beaulieu.
    • fc. · The Ballet · Anon. · cv; Distributed to the Members of the Off Trail Magazine Publishers Association and a Few Other Friends.
    • Confessions of a Fanzine Reviewer · Robert Bloch · ar; illustrated.
    • A Different Aspect of Utopia · Jim Harmon · ar Peon Mar 1950; illustrated.
    • A Report from South Africa: Scrape the Barrel · P. Kruis · ar
    • A Conventional Tale · Maurice Lubin · ar
    • A Conventional Tale · Randall Garrett · ex; a comic operetta.
    • More Convention Topics · John Hitchcock · lt
    • The Best of the Year · Anon. · ar; result of the Hugo Awards.
    • Leerings · Charles Lee Riddle · ed

    Left [#2, 1932] (standard)
    Incomplete details taken from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Leisure Detective    (about)
    Thin digest that ran for at least 54 issues, mainly printing stories by Australian authors, initially with two short stories per issue and later with just a single novelette.

    • Publishers:
      • Action Comics Pty. Ltd.; 14 Bond Street, Sydney: Leisure Detective

    Leisure Detective [#11, 195?] (8d, 34pp, digest)
    Details supplied by Tom Lesser.
    • 1 · Murder in the Family · Alan Yates · nv
    • 25 · Bullets for Blackmail · R. Gunn · ss

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