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    The Magi    (about)
    A scarce school magazine devoted to weird fiction and ed. Joel Lane when he was 16. This may well be the only issue.

    The Magi [v1 #1, 1979] ed. Joel Lane & Laurence Westwood (10p, 52pp, A5)
    A note in the editorial reads “unsuitable for first-year girls, Lower-School boys, and English teachers” while the postscript gives the editorial offices as “Room 60.” Anyone with a better knowledge of Joel Lane’s biography should be able to give the school a name. Details supplied by John Eggeling.

    The Magnet Library:    (about)
    Publisher: Amalgamated Press.
    Run: 15 Feb 1908-18 May 1940 (1683 issues).
    Incorporated into: Knock-Out Comic (comic).
    Frequency: Weekly.
    Format: 20pp small tabloid.
    Price: ½d / 1d from 1910 / 1½d from 1918 / 2d from 1922.
    Editor: Percy Griffith [1908-11]; Herbert A. Hinton [1911-16, 1919-21]; John Nix Pentalow [1916-19]; C. Maurice Down [1921-40].
    Assistant/Sub-Editors: Herbert A. Hinton [1908-11]; Charles M. Down [?-1914]; G.R. Samways [1914-17, 1919-21]; William Pike [1915-17]; Hedley O’Mant; Noel Wood-Smith [1920s]; Reginald S. Taylor [1933-36]

    Comments: Famous for its stories of Billy Bunter and Harry Wharton & Co. which appeared under the byline of Frank Richards; the characters were the creation of Charles Hamilton, who wrote over 1,380 of the Richards yarns. The Magnet was the centrepiece of the A.P.’s Companion Papers, which also included The Gem.

    Further Reading: The Magnet Companion (London, Howard Baker Press, 1971); The Concise Magnet Companion by George Beal (London, Howard Baker, 1986, expanded as The Complete Magnet Companion (Surbitan, Surrey, Quartermain Press, 1996).

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