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    Love Romances [v7 #12, Winter 1937]
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    Love Romances [v8 #1, Summer 1938]
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    Love Romances [v8 #2, Winter 1938]
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    Love Short Stories [v3 #2, February 1941] (Fictioneers, pulp)
    • Remember This Night! · Jean Johnson · ss; “One night of happiness costs two lovers months of heartbreak.”
    • Blonde Salvage · Helen Ahern · ss; “Cecily started out to salvage her fiance from a redhead and ended by being saved from the sea by the Coast Guard.”
    • Another Man’s Bride · Virginia Nielsen · ss; “A man Kay never had seen before took her home to a man he said was her husband.”
    • The Song in My Heart · Martha Dorman Arthur · ss; “Sharla wanted to be needed and Nicky treated her as if she were a hothouse flower.”
    • Dates for Sale · Vina Lawrence · ss; “It was a perfectly innocent scheme to raise money for the sorority but a terrific scandal grew out of it.”
    • Let’s Be Happy · Christine Young · ss; “Nancy found a man to match her most frivolous moments—too late.”
    • Love Me or Leave Me · Toni Tarr · ss; “A first story by a new writer and a very nice one too.”
    • All I Ask · Pauline Booker · pm
    • Pen Pals · Dora Dean, Hostess · lc

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